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Alle guten Dinge sind drei!
Monday, December 13, 2021 @ 11:46 PM

My German wife is fond of using this expression, which roughly translated means: "Three is good".

She herself has put this into practice big-style. She has had three husbands (I’m number 3 and hopefully the last!). She has three surviving siblings, three children and three German grandchildren.

In my case I can’t compete. As regards the number 3, I had my first child aged 33 and I have three English grandchildren. And that’s it! Oh, and I experienced three major catastrophes in my annus horribilis, 2007: a nervous breakdown, the break-up of my marriage and redundancy.

Together, the current missus and I have three houses here in Spain and three cars. Why? you ask.

Why three houses?

Why not? Two are holiday rental properties and one is our home. My wife had a house here when I met her in 2008. In 2011. the year after we married, we bought a house for us. Then, last year I bought an old village house to do up as a post-pandemic project .

Why three cars?

Before Covid-19 came along we had planned to do several lengthy road trips so bought a seminuevo to do them in. Then, because of the obra on the afore-mentioned house, I purchased a VW Transporter to use as a delivery truck for building materials, furniture, etc. The added bonus is that it converts to a camper van with a double bed, something we had always wanted to try out.

My wife had her own car from before I met her – a Peugeot 206 CC convertible. When it exploded earlier this year and the engine compartment burned to a crisp, she insisted on getting a replacement, this time a Peugeot 207, the follow-on model. Not strictly necessary, but she needs to be independent and likes to drive open-topped.

And when all is said and done, we’re retired and deserve to indulge ourselves while we still can.

And in any case, we’re SKI-ing, ie Spending the Kids’ Inheritance!

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