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A light-hearted look at life in Andalucía and Spain in general. Its good points and its bad. This blog doesn't pull any punches.

How to sell a car in Spain
Monday, October 25, 2021 @ 8:01 AM

Joe King recently sold his car. But he didn’t advertise anywhere! Here’s what happened.

The other week I decided to sell my Seat León, as it had become surplus to requirements. Which couple needs three cars for God’s sake? Or even two, for that matter, but that’s another story!

A bit of a shame, as I really loved that car. It was the 1.9 TDi Diesel version and drove like a dream with plenty of acceleration when you needed it. Yet it had great fuel consumption.

I’d had the car just over 10 years, having bought it from the vendor of our current home on the day we took possession of the house in February 2011.

In order to sell it I didn’t advertise on Mil Anuncios, nor on Facebook. I didn’t put a small ad in the newsagents or on a lamp post. Yet the car was gone within a few days.

What I did was this.

I contacted a friend who’d expressed interest in buying my car a few months back, to see if he still wanted it. Unbeknown to me Jordi then rang a car mechanic, whom we both know, to ask his advice. I found out when Antonio, the mechanic, whose workshop is four doors from me, came to tell me this and to say that, if Jordi decided he didn’t want it, he would buy it for his daughter.

Two days went by and I got no further with my Catalan friend, so I told Antonio his daughter could have it.

“I’ll come and see you after lunch”, said Antonio. At 4.00 pm he was there at my gate, we agreed a price which we were both happy with and we touched elbows on the deal.

He went off to get the cash and I went indoors for the car keys and documents. Five minutes later I had a wad of banknotes and a bill of sale in my hand and Antonio was driving my beloved car up the road and out of my life.

I’d never bought or sold a car that quickly in all my days! Amazing!

That was the way to do it! Spanish-style!


About Joe King

Joe, not his real name, is a bit of an enigma. He has lived in the Serranía de Ronda for many years, but prefers to fly under the radar. Hence his pseudonym and lack of photo.

Joe doesn’t take life too seriously, and enjoys doing things in an unconventional manner. He invariably sees the funny side of life.


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Potts04 said:
Monday, November 1, 2021 @ 9:44 AM

Thanks for the information

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