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Mercedes Gleitze and Tarifa.
05 February 2010 @ 12:31

Who is Mercedes Gleitze?

The first of us all, men and women, to swim across the Strait. It was in 1928. Nobody had done it before. He commented in an interview today to a swimmer ready to cross the Strait of Gibraltar from Tarifa (Cádiz).

Tangier, December 6, 1927: On board the steamer "Slamat" arrived at the port of Tangier mercedes Gleitze Miss Hudson and Miss Millie it intended to swim the Strait of Gibraltar crossing. Both swimmers had left the same train from Waterloo Station had arrived on the same ship after their stay at the hotel, but did not look, did not speak. Miss Gleitze stubbornly followed him not to speak to her rival. British swimmers Gleitze Miss and Miss Hudson were irreconcilable opponents to date, only united in their purpose of crossing the Strait of Gibraltar swim.

Diciembre ten of 1927 by finally reached an agreement during a luncheon arranged. Miss Gleitze told journalists that his only attempt for pursuing a charitable purpose entertained the project of building in London a shelter for five hundred needy and also for the same purpose, had hired a film company to film the journey, that Miss Gleitze wanted to be very rugged and had much excitement in the sale facility.

At present this test is and is considered one of the most difficult to overcome, due to the many winds, caused by the junction of two seas. The British Mercedes Gleitze (November 1900 Brighton, February 9, 1981 † London) was the first person who got through our Straits, on 5 April 1928 (Holy Thursday) was his third attempt. He achieved his goal but not before, after a superhuman effort, fighting the elements, reaching the African coast up to Punta Cruces. The woman spent 12 hours and 50 minutes to link the two shores of the Strait, finishing the test in the vicinity of the coast of Ceuta,

Some journalists from the "Mundo Deportivo" Barcelona had the power esuerte interview days before his prowess. This was:

Shortly before leaving Cadiz told us that the way to Tarifa was graceful, so lavish in its landscape as fastidious about the state of the road. Tarifa is one of those people hiding in the curves of the road, once there we showed the residence of Miss Gleitze who was none other that "Villanueva catering cottage facing the sea, whitewashed balnco and withdrawal from the madding crowd. "The swimmer" as they called Miss Gleitze there, we are told is resting, while accompanying us to our room a kind cross between "master" and fisherman who talk warmly towards Mercedes does things that men do not."

The filmmakers of sporting prowess unfortunately true that time were "butch" was not the case of Miss Gleitze, who was shy, with eyes dazed and with that air of naivete with which we see the Spanish to English, healthy and strong; extremely strong, fair and contrary to the fashion of those days hair was not cut but had two long braids gathered over the ears. In our questions we answered simply and bluntly, but with surprise by showing him a copy of the paper where we work, believing that there were no newspapers in Spain specialized in sports, in our conversation it felt loose and happy to speak with a sports journalist swimming without this is surprising. In Tarifa was lonely, nobody advised, no one trained only received massages a guy from the Military Hospital.

With twenty-seven years had left behind his profession as a typist encouraged by the reward of crossing the Channel for five hundred pounds offered by the News of the World "to cross the Channel in fifteen hours and a quarter, money used not only in his own benefit but in the interest of a foundation for a nursing home. In swimming he found a strong source of income for their old age. He was also editor of a journal of physical education and propaganda in philanthropic Westmisnter Belgrave Road 75. And sporting swimmnig belonged to Brighton Club.

The jurisdiction of the English press made the "Daily Express" offered another prize money for the swimmer to cross the Strait of Gibraltar which meant the chain of evidence that he took part in the Mercedes and that had become almost a profession; although she was considered an amateur conviction, travel expenses, training and accommodation were funded in Tarifa by the Sports Club of Gibraltar Rock is bursting to help her.

When you tried? Saturday. And, if you can not cross? I'll stay here and I'll try again and again until it succeeds because if I do have a very important offer from the United States.

The style "crawl" it was very tiring for hiking, so I used the "stroke perst stroke" that could withstand the long hours.

He left the Island of the Doves of Tarifa on Day 5 to 8 hours fifty minutes vessels, escorted by numerous guests and journalists, he managed to play punta leona 21 hours twenty minutes. Miss Gleitze on arrival back to Tarifa was received by the people and authorities taxed such a great welcome. Mercedes taught the cheering that a handful of sand and pebbles on the African soil, while leaving it embraced by everyone who claimed,

The first crossing was made on men July 22, 1948 being the Peruvian Daniel Carpio Maciotti which links to Tarifa to Punta Cruces (Morocco) and made the journey in 9 hours and 20 minutes, according to official data.

Written by Jesús Castro.
Translated by Rachael Harrison.
Sponsored by
Logotipo Costa Luz Lawyers

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