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My recently launched novel 'The Drowning School' set between the mountains of Andalucía and The Isle of Avalon

Please take a look at the reviews for The Drowning School
19 December 2014

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Have a great weekend :-)

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Life after Death, do you believe?
16 December 2014

Does life continue after death?

This is a question that has intrigued me for years. I have read hundreds of book on the subject and examined the evidence in my own mind. My husband always said "When your dead, your dead."

I however wasn't convinced. I have read some amazing stories, especially those by children who seem to remember a previous lifetime and in some cases there have been some concrete evidence to support there memories. My fascination with this subject compelled me to centre my first novel around the concept of reincarnation and my characters in their modern day life recalling a previous existence and having to put something to rest in this lifetime which they hadnt succeeded in doing in their former lifetimes.

The more I researched, the more I began thinking that it somehow all seemed to make sense. I cannot remember being born, in fact my earliest memory is from age 2 and that was the death of my pet rabbit and shortly after my grandmother. Then there is a blank and I can only really recall memories from 5 years old. So if I did live before why would I remember my death and former life ?

My personal view is that we all have many lifetimes and that each human form we come back in, is merely the vehicle that houses are souls, the very life force of us. I also personally believe that when the body dies, the soul leaves the body and is eternally alive. The afterlife, as it is known, is where, I believe the soul resides until coming back to human form.

In 2005 my beliefs were strengthened following the death of my husband.

The Christmas of 2004 is one I will never forget, when just 5 days before christmas day my husband was told he had leukemia . He had not been feeling well for a couple of months but the devastating news was a terrible shock for the whole family and the last thing we expected. He was a fit, strong man and 6 weeks later he died.

The last morning I ever woke up next to my husband was the morning we had a conversation about, what if? What if the treatment wasnt successful and the unthinkable happened. My husband stated that he wasn't scared of dying, he was more saddened by what it would mean for those left behind. Through tears, I asked him to make me a promise and that if my beliefs were true and there was something after death, then would he please come back and give me a sign. Despite his own opinion of death he assured me that he would and that I could bank on it, that if there was something he would be back to let me know.

Within days of his death, I started receiving signs of what I believed to be proof of his exsistence. Not only me but those close around me and interestingly he chose to give signs to those that were adamant there was nothing after death.

The kettle would switch on at night when I had got into bed. The serving hatch door flew open in front of me and my sister when I recalled that last conversation with her, as if to say "Look, I am here!" A zipper on my husbands fishing bag went backward and forwards, whilst two friends watched on open mouthed. The children were out playing cricket and the ball mysteriously dissappeared, when they refused to come in despite it growing dark. when they finally came in the ball rolled toward them from the other side of the kitchen, out of nowhere. The TV would switch off, if the children started to disagree over which channel they would watch. My young niece saw a globe of light hoovering over the hopscotch on the school playground, intrigued and mesmerised she watched it spell out my husbands name. The list is endless of little incidents that to me were proof of my husband keeping his promise. There is so much more, but I will save that for another day.

So my second novel stayed with the theme of reincarnation and especially karma, as it is a subject I have researched and had the  privilege in some form to experience as in the unexplainable. My current work in progress has taken it one step further and brought the past into the future and sent the future into the past.

I would love to hear your experiences and always love to discuss this topic. So please share your story :-) 

Thank you

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Writing a novel
05 December 2014

Writing a novel should be fun and rewarding and there is nothing like seeing the finished product after all of your hard work.
Personally, there is nothing like readers comments and hearing that they have enjoyed the story you have written is hugely satisfying. The Drowning School is my second paranormal romance novel and is set between the mountains of Southern Spain and the mystical Isle of Avalon.
I owned a very old farmhouse in Andalucia and the story is set in this region and from my memories of the house which sat on the side of a hill overlooking a valley. Also the local village and my memories of the changing seasons.  The second draft of my first novel Diversion of the Soul was penned in Spain at this same farmhouse and so it is fair to say that Spain has had an influence in my writing career.  Evident in both novels is the paranormal theme which has always intrigued me and is something I love to write about. I am a natural born psychic and have read peoples futures for over 25 years, both in the UK and Spain and the States. So writing about psychics, reincarnation and healing comes naturally to me. By adding romance and mystery I have created a cocktail of what if and as most readers report back they find it hard to put the books down once they have started them.
Please check out my website for more information about my books and my readings, which can be in person, by phone or by email.
I have lots of true stories besides my fictional novels, to tell you regarding Spain, the unexplained and ghostly experiences of my own, which I will incorporate into my weekly blog as well as keeping you up to date with my weekly news and current work in progress.
Have a good weekend !

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