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Property Management & Rentals in Marbella

Blog about the day to day running of a busy property management and rental business based in Marbella, Costa del Sol.

Just for a giggle
05 January 2013

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"Hit or Miss!"

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2003 a new beginning.
05 January 2013

Arghhh! M25 between M4 and Chertsey junction gridlock as usual on a cold Winter Thursday afternoon in 2002. Trying to get home and working since 6.00 am, meeting with clients in the City. As I sit there patiently staring at an Eddie Stobart lorry in front of me with the name Lucy (of all things), I stare up into the dark sky and watch a BA plane taking off from Heathrow perhaps going to Malaga, a place my wife and I love... Lovely warm weather in November I thought to myself. Few beers on the beach, nice bit of lunch with the sun on my face got me thinking...