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The idea of this blog started when I realized that I often come across newsworthy items in my ongoing research on natural health that others might find interesting.
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26 July 2013


(The study appears Feb. 13, 2012 in the early online edition of the peer-reviewed journal Stem Cells)

Researchers with the UCLA Department of Radiation Oncology at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center report for the first time that radiation treatment—despite killing half of all tumor cells during every treatment—transforms other cancer cells into treatment-resistant breast cancer stem cells.

Dr. Frank Pajonk, associate professor of radiation oncology and Jonsson Cancer Center researcher, stressed that breast cancer patients should not be alarmed by the study findings and should continue to undergo radiation if recommended by their oncologists.


Despite there being many highly successful natural therapies for ALL FORMS OF CANCER, we are still being told to stick with the poisoning, burning and cutting methods promoted by mainstream medicine. This, while often suffering terrible side effects, and with no guarantees, either.

And now we find out that the very radiation cancer patients have to endure transforms cancer cells into cancer stem cells, the most deadly type.

What’s even more amazing is the positive spin put on the announcement. “What is really exciting about this study is that it gives us a much more complex understanding of the interaction of radiation with cancer cells that goes far beyond DNA damage and cell killing,” Pajonk said. “The study may carry enormous potential to make radiation even better.”

Well, there you have it. I for one am SPEECHLESS.

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The Nightmare State of Healthcare in the US
16 March 2013

 (Originally posted for American readers on my Facebook page)

 Another compelling reason to become responsible for your health, and not leave it to the people in the white coats. 

...And you probably thought "non-profit" hospitals actually meant not for profit, too.,32068,2178453595001_2136781,00.html


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09 March 2013


We discovered back in 2010 that exposure to pesticides increased the risk of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in children; yet we continue to dose them with MORE chemicals, which can cause sleep problems, headaches, abdominal pain, seizures, liver damage, and oh, possibly suicidal thoughts and fatal heart problems. (For a more comprehensive review of ADHD drugs, see

Not surprisingly, not one of these drugs cures ADHD. Not one.

The way I see it, we have two options:
1. We basically agree to allow multinational chemical corporations to affect the health and lives of our children; or

2.We stand up to the chemical multinationals (who conveniently make the drugs to "treat" the symptoms caused by the pesticides made by the same company); the medical establishment, and our government and fight for our kids. 


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What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe
13 February 2013


When people express concern about the lack of "peer-reviewed" research in natural medicine therapies such as bioresonance, Traditional Chinese Medicine or homeopathy, I encourage them to watch the following. 
There have been thousands of happy, healthy patients over many years (several thousand years in the case of TCM), who have benefited from natural medicine. 
That sounds like a pretty good track record to me.
But listen to what Ben Goldacre has to say about  the research of conventional drugs in mainstream medicine.

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I Never Like Hearing About Someone Getting the Flu, but This Can Hardly be Ignored
25 January 2013

I Never Like Hearing About Someone Getting the Flu (or Flu Symptoms), but This Can Hardly be Ignored


Just two days after it was reported that GlaxoSmithKline’s Pandemrix H1N1 swine flu vaccine has actually caused a whopping 800 cases of narcolepsy in children according to Reuters, a major publicity stunt for the efficacy of the flu shot as presented by CNN has crashed and burned. After receiving his very first flu shot live on air from vaccine advocate Dr. Oz in attempt to showcase the ‘safety and effectiveness of the shot’, Piers Morgan has now developed flu-like symptoms that even he and his guest have attributed to the reception of the shot.

In the January 23 interview with country music celebrity Dwight Yoakam, Piers and Dwight discuss the connection between the recent shot and his new sickness. In the interview, which can be seen below, Piers asks “…As you can tell, things are deteriorating. Is there any advice you can give me?”

Yoakam replies with a simple “Don’t ever take a flu shot again,” sparking further discussion surrounding the public injection that ultimately turned into a PR nightmare for Big Pharma. In a surprising reply, Piers says ““We’re both doing the math, so I mean, we both saw him put that thing in my arm and within 10 days I’m struck down.” It was Piers’ first flu shot in his life, according to his own testimony.

You can watch this segment below:


As pointed out by Adan Salazar, the sickness is also highly ironic as Piers actually questioned Dr. Oz about the so-called ‘myths’ surrounding the shot before it was administered. One such ‘myth’ was whether or not the shot could actually lead to the flu. In dialogue with Dr. Oz, Piers nervously asked:

“So the myth about these, and I’m told it’s a myth, is that you can actually get flu or flu-like symptoms simply by having the shot. Is that true?”

Dr. Oz, of course, regurgitated information provided by the CDC in stating that such an event is impossible due to the fact that the flu shot contains the dead flu virus. Dr. Oz also fails to mention that even the FDA’s own website admits that vaccines contain toxic additives like:

Antibiotics: Linked to the development of mental illnessobesity, and serious gut imbalance due to the depletion of beneficial bacteria in the gut, superbug-spawning antibiotics are used in vaccinations as an ‘additive’ as admitted by the FDA.

Formaldehyde: This of course is the known carcinogen used in the preservation of corpses by funeral homes and elsewhere. Even admits that formaldehyde is a serious cancer-causing chemical, stating “Formaldehyde has been classified as a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer…” So why is this cancer-causing substance being used an additive for vaccinations?

Aluminum: Popularly associated with Alzheimer’s disease and a bunch of other brain disorders, aluminum is used as a vaccine additive to ‘stimulate a response’ from the body.

Thimerosal: One of the most widely known additives, thimerosal is a mercury-containing substance that is unsafe at any dose. Your doctor is likely entirely misinformed on this additive, stating there is no mercury-containing thimerosal in a vaccine when even the FDA and CDC plainly state this. As stated by Dr. David Wallinga from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, mercury is ‘toxic in all its forms.”

Instead of giving Piers a vaccination full of these toxic additives, Dr. Oz could have simply recommended that Piers begin supplementing with high quality, inexpensive vitamin D3 — or simply take a walk around outside in a warmer climate. Even in considerably low doses, vitamin D3 has been found to slash the risk of flu development by nearly half – a much great success rate than the flu shot.

Read more:


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Secondhand Smoke
28 December 2012

  Secondhand Smoke


 Increases the likelihood of bronchitis and pneumonia in children under 2

 Increases both the severity of ear infections and duration of illness in   children

 Can cause asthma in children who have not previously exhibited symptoms

 Increases the frequency of episodes and the severity of symptoms in

 asthmatic children

Babies whose mothers smoke are twice as likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Cot  Death)

( )

Stopping smoking with Bioresonance gives you the opportunity to quit with  minimal, if any, withdrawal symptoms and has a

70% plus success rate

For more information about stopping smoking with Bioresonance, look under " Interesting Links" further down the page on the right

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Low Dose Naltrexone Revisited: The Little Pill that Could
23 November 2012

 I know I have mentioned LDN or Low Dose Naltrexone in the past, but having seen more people suffering from MS, ALS, other autoimmune diseases and cancers than ever before, I’ve decided to bring up the subject  again.

Naltrexone has been around for years as a way of safely weaning people off  alcohol, cocaine and heroin.  Some years ago a doctor discovered that administering very small doses of it to patients usually stopped and some times, to a degree, reversed the progression of their MS. As MS is considered an autoimmune condition, it was tried with other diseases, such as Ankylosing Spondylitis, Celiac and Crohn’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma, and Fibromyalgia, with varying degrees of success.

Seeing as mainstream medicine has no cure for these diseases, and many of the drugs given to lessen the symptoms either don’t help after a while or are downright dangerous to your health, it would seem definitely worth trying. So why don’t people do it?

Sadly, most often it is simply a lack of ongoing education on the part of their doctors. If you would like to find out more about Low Dose Naltrexone, here is a video by Dr. Chris Steele, MBE

And here is a website with more information

·         If you or a loved one has been suffering with any one of the diseases listed above ( there are many more listed  here (

·         If you feel that you have been abandoned by the medical profession, or that they have nothing left to offer you,

Have a look at the video and the website...LDN may be able to help you!

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Women Who Quit Smoking Before 40 Cut Risk of Tobacco-Related Death By 90%
27 October 2012


 A study of over 1 million women  conducted by The Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals,  has shown that stopping smoking before age 40 cuts the risk of tobacco-related death by 90%. That figure increases to 97% if women quit before age 30.

Smoking causes heart disease, lung disease, cancer, stroke and death.

We have also heard of the dangers of second-hand smoke.

According to the World Health Organization,


  • In 2004, children accounted for 31% of the deaths attributable to second-hand smoke.
  • In adults, second-hand smoke causes serious cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, including coronary heart disease and lung cancer. In infants, it causes sudden death. In pregnant women, it causes low birth weight.

The following is taken from the University of Minnesota’s Division of Periodontology website:

With each puff of smoke, the body is exposed to over 4000 chemicals, over 50 of which are known to cause cancer.

A few of the chemicals in cigarette smoke are listed below.

Compound Released


Additional Information
about Compound



Insecticide/addictive drug



Main ingredient for industrial plastics and adhesives



A main constituent of coal tar



A pesticide that has been banned from use

Carbon Monoxide


Bonds with oxygen in blood cells to cause suffocation
Car exhaust fumes



Used for stripping wax from floors, removing varnish
Often a toilet bowl cleaner

Hydrogen Cyanide


A fumigation poison banned from international use



Main ingredient in fingernail polish remover



Used as rocket fuel



Embalming fluid



Cigarette lighter fluid



Moth balls



Gasoline additive






Found in batteries



Industrial solvent



Natural base for tire rubber


  •   If you would like the opportunity to quit smoking for life;
  •   If you have tried medications, chewing gum, patches and other methods without success and you would like to find out about a method with a proven track record that has a 70+ % success rate, you can reach me on, or fill out the contact form on my website 




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If You Have Been Prescribed Plavix and Aspirin, You Need to Read This
19 October 2012


Once again, another study has confirmed previous findings. Plavix, when combined with aspirin, doubles the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding, and more than doubles the risk of fatal hemorrhaging.

As you can see below, Plavix on its own is not a winner, either.



Side effects listed on the NHS webpage about Plavix (Clopidogrel)

Common side effects of clopidogrel can include:

·         headaches or dizziness

·         nausea

·         diarrhoea

·         indigestion (dyspepsia)

·         stomach ache or abdominal pain

·         nosebleeds

·         increased bleeding (your blood taking longer to clot – for example, when you cut yourself), or easy bruising

More serious side effects can include:

·         rashes and itching

·         severe stomach ache or abdominal pain

·         uncontrolled bleeding or unusual bruising

·         vomiting with blood

·         blood in your urine

·         blood in your stools


When you consider that there are equally effective natural alternatives that are 100% safe and have no side effects (such as Grounding ) ... why would you want take the risk?


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In the News: Common Anti-Anxiety Drug Increases the Risk of Dementia
01 October 2012

The recent news that benzodiazepine-type drugs such as diazepam (Valium) and lorazepam (Ativan) can increase the risk of dementia has many people thinking twice about whether to continue taking them.

Many don’t realize that benzodiazepines are very addictive, and can cause a number of serious symptoms if a person tries to stop taking them all at once (commonly known as going "cold turkey”). Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome symptoms can range from generally unpleasant to life-threatening.

If you decide you would like to stop taking benzodiazepines, it is vital that you consult a medical professional who knows how to wean you off them safely!


And yes, there are many natural therapies and techniques to help you get rid of the need for them.


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