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Fighting the Spanish system to make a successful and profitable business

Working in Spain - the high´s and low´s
01 August 2008

Hi all,
For anyone coming to Spain to work, I´d like to give you some really usefull advise.  Only come if you can afford to pay 300 euros out every month and then a IVA (VAT) and TAX bill every 3 months!  This is for being self employed and there are many other little ways they get money out of you.  If there are two or more and you are not married or a relative one can go self employed (autonomo) and the others be employed by them. This way you can work part time (about 60 - 80 euros per month) . However (as we have found out only recently) it is illegal to employ your wife, husband, children etc.  so if this applies to you, you BOTH have to be autonomo!
We have been here for 6 years now and have had our business for 4 years. It is very hard and you are up against people who have decided to risk not being legal.  We also have a music duo and recently we were fined for having a friend help us into the bar with some gear. Even though we weren´t paying him, we were still fined.  It´s not illegal to work for someone for nothing, but the Spanish don´t believe that somebody would!
Anyway, I will update my blog as we go on through this funny life in Spain.
I hope this bit of info will help some of you decide on whether or not to set a business up here.
Lisa Hayes
P.S. The fines for illegal business start at thousands and I´ve heard of a 30,000 one being handed out!

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