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good news in spain

I want to hear about all the positive things coming out of Spain, no moaners, no doom and gloomers just happy people with some thing positive, constructive or useful to say.

\More Good news in Spain!
05 June 2010

My son is at our apartment now, Yago just told him where in the village to get keys cut, 2 keys now cut €2 for both. Key and shoe kiosk in shopping mall, €2-3 each cut. That's good news in Spain when you are's more money to spend on having fun

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Good news in Spain!
05 June 2010

With so much negativity on the site and people claiming they want to leave Spain, there is no work, the housing market is corrupt, politicians are corrupt, euro is down the tubes,  etc etc.

What about posting some good news and some of the good things that go on in Spain.

If I can just tell you of my neighbour in our community as an example. We own a ground floor apartment  which we use for holidays. Our neighbour is Spanish and it is his pemanent home where he lives with his wife and young son.

During the past three years he has been so helpful to us and on occasions has went out of his way to help us. He keeps a key to our apartment, opens the windows before we come, keeps a check on it when we are away, lets the gardener in (also a Spanish neigbour and easy to pay). He tells us where to buy goods etc at the price locals pay rather than tourist prices,etc etc  so I say hats off to him and thanks a million Yago. He is also the reason we are learning to speak Spanish (he speaks English).

So yes, like all the countries in the world Spain has its problems, but come on lets stop complaining and start praising the good things, the people we meet, the places we visit, the area we live or holiday in, the food, the country side, the beaches, the mountains  and anything else that we enjoy in Spain.


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