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Whats happened with Andersons Abagados in Marbella?

Firend of mine has been waiting some 12 months for his money when he sold his property. Heard you had to wait but this seems excessive. Are they still conducting law work. Apparently the head lawyer is Abad Anderson. Anyone seen him around marbella lately? Whats the best course of action for my friend?

Andersons Abagados in Marbella
23 January 2009

Friend of mine has been waiting 12 months to be paid by his lawyer after he sold his house. Anyone know anything about Andersons Abagados? Are they still active and open?

Did hear that you have to wait for your money once your apartment or house is sold in spain (nomral 3 months) but 12 months seems rather excessive. The lawyers name is Abad Anderson, anyone know if he is around these days? Any advice I can pass on to my friend, i.e. how to get his money out this tight arse lawyer?

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