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Galgos del Sol (Murcia) makes saving galgos in Spain a reality!

There is an ABSOLUTE NEED to highlight the plight of galgos (greyhounds) in Spain. This blog is to help the refuge, Galgos Del Sol in Murcia, Costa Blanca.

PLEASE sponsor a tin of food for a puppy - plea from the heart!
26 May 2012 @ 20:45

Cara's pups are now on big food. What with Vera's pups still here and munching for Spain and now this 8 the pups are getting through it FAST!

If anyone would like to buy the pups a tin of food it's 2.90€ a tin - Royal Canin and yes its an expensive tin but these pups didn't get a good start in mums tummys so the vet advises the best to avoid diarrhea etc.

You can paypal 2.90€ to and tell us which pup you are buying this tin for. Penny, Mandy, Mary, Angel, Andy, Wesley, Toni, or Elena! 

If you would like to sponsor a 2.90 tin of pup royal canin food for Marlon, Flora or Zuess please PP 2.90 euros. Although all reserved they can't travel yet which means we continue to support them with kenneling and food. Please consider sponsoring one! Thank you!

Below are Cara's pups.




MANDY- reserved

MARY - reserved

PENNY - house check being done


WESLEY - reserved

These pups are Vera's.

FLORA -reserved

ZUESS & FLORA - reserved

MARLON - reserved

Click on logo below to see the Galgos del Sol website to read about the work they do, PLEASE.

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Sherlie Bradley said:
02 June 2012 @ 07:18

Aren't they just adorable and thro no fault of their own they are here in this cruel world all thro' the ignorance of the Spanish hunters and farmers. Too many puppies being dumped again now and not just hunting dogs, 2 Springer Spaniels and 1 Cocker Spaniel have recently been picked up abandoned in the last week alone. So sad that these poeple can't get their dogs spey/neutered, or microchipped!

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