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Galgos del Sol (Murcia) makes saving galgos in Spain a reality!

There is an ABSOLUTE NEED to highlight the plight of galgos (greyhounds) in Spain. This blog is to help the refuge, Galgos Del Sol in Murcia, Costa Blanca.

The story of Cafe
10 April 2012 @ 17:23

Cafe found himself dumped in a killing station, in our eyes its a crime. A beautiful galgo who worked his time only to be cast aside like rubbish, did his owner not feel even the slightest bit of guilt or sadness for poor Cafe.

When Eileen in the UK spotted his photo she contacted us, he had less than 48hrs to go before being sacrificed. She asked us to get him out and she wanted to adopt him alongside Serena who she had previously adopted from GdS & AAR. We had never worked with this killing station before so luckily we had the help of Oscar to help speed things up, we thank you again Oscar.

Cafe soon arrived to our doorstep but we were not prepared for what we saw. Cafe shook and threw himself around like a wild horse just to escape any kind of human contact. At this stage it looked impossible that we could help heal this boy and for sure he couldn’t travel to Eileen in the UK anytime soon, he just wasn’t ready. Our best decision was to put Cafe with Gaynor and Les. They slowly worked with him, they were patient and never forced Cafe (now Caru) to do anything that he was not ready for. Bit by bit we saw him become curious, we were winning. The time came when he still wasn’t completely ready but he was able to take the transport some months later. He did really well and surprised us all.

Eileen now has Cafe in her home and we have heard bit by bit he is making progress and looking at this photo it seems he has surely found his place. When Suzie did this home check for us for Serena the sofa capacity played a big part, how many galgos and pods could fit on? She passed the check. Thank you Eileen for spotting Cafe and for allowing us to help you save his life. Good on ya Cafe, be free in yourself now!

BELOW: Cafe before GdS took him.

BELOW: In his new home.

Donations are explained in this link, thank you for helping GdS.


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