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Galgos del Sol (Murcia) makes saving galgos in Spain a reality!

There is an ABSOLUTE NEED to highlight the plight of galgos (greyhounds) in Spain. This blog is to help the refuge, Galgos Del Sol in Murcia, Costa Blanca.

The galgos (greyhounds) of Spain .. help them PLEASE!
16 January 2011 @ 17:30

This blog is to highlight the plight of galgos in Spain who are working dogs & subjected to HELL once their working life is over & often they are either dumped by the hunters after the season to fend for themselves  .. maybe at under 2 yrs old .. or worse, killed by hanging slowly or by other inhumane ways you likely wouldn't have guts enough to see. Each time I see the links Tina sends to me I cry, I cry with sadness, I cry with anger.  I swear I won't look any more but I have to, to remind myself of these atrocities to these beautiful animals!

The plight of the galgos is a blight on Spain and the hunters and gitanos just don't seem to realise what bad publicity they give the country. Many people won't visit or buy Spanish goods as a protest. You can read about the whole situation in Beryl Brennan's book, From Heaven to Hell - the Story of the Galgo Espanol, purchase through her weblog


Here's Beryl

Proceeds are being donated to Tina and co. Please support Tina, Gaynor & their hard working team in their fundraising events.


Above: This is Tina, the refuge's website is full of wonderful info, both sad & happy stories, how to donate, photos of Galgos(greyhounds) & Podencos who need loving homes. There's info on the staff & volunteers & their ongoing work. Please look!

Tina is president of the 'Galgos del Sol' charity, working with her husband Jaime, who is Secretary. Her passion for galgos began here in Spain. On seeing many abandoned galgos on the streets here she investigated further their plight and decided to set up an association to help them. Jaime has been incredibly supportive and has got used to arriving home on occasions to find new furry faces in the garden.

Taking many from the roads and fixing them Tina decided she wanted to do more. Joining forces with Gaynor enabled her to do so.

This is Gaynor welcoming galgos into the shelter.

Now building kennels, Gaynor and Tina work together to rescue broken galgos and make them whole again and doing whatever it takes to find them wonderful new forever homes both here in spain and abroad.   

Tina adopted her own sweetheart who she believe was abandoned because he couldn't hunt. In her own words 'galgos are so precious, I simply adore them'.

Here is the Galgos Del Sol Facebook page - please click on underlined link.


Galgos del Sol is entirely dependent on fundraising for its survival

Please follow this too >> Save The Galgo -Stop the Suffering of the Spanish Galgo on Facebook

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