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Galgos del Sol (Murcia) makes saving galgos in Spain a reality!

There is an ABSOLUTE NEED to highlight the plight of galgos (greyhounds) in Spain. This blog is to help the refuge, Galgos Del Sol in Murcia, Costa Blanca.

Tina, President of Galgos del Sol, is fundraising by taking part in a Triathlon competition today
06 July 2014 @ 13:38

Tina, President of Galgos del Sol, is taking part in a Triathlon competition TODAY to help raise funds to blood test Pumpkin's puppies.

From me, Janice "So sorry this is a very late blog post, I should've posted it over a week ago but I flew back from Spain on 2nd July after not being well in days then I haven't been well here in the UK, no real reason for me slacking though."

From Tina..."Hi guys. I'm calling on you for sponsorships as I've got myself into a spot of bother. I have no idea why but on a spontaneous whim last week I bought myself a triathlon suit and proceeded to enter into a rough sea triathlon competition this Sunday. (TODAY) This particular one is known for its nasty jellyfish, can't wait to have my body covered in those slimy babies! The last time I was on a bike it was actually a tricycle, havn't been in a pool for over 4 years and ..ok jogging ..I go now and again. 

Have done some gym work this month but spend most of my time walking on the treadmill answering GdS emails. So let's just say I am not prepared at all and am preparing to enter the depths of hell. I haven't even asked the distances of the swim, bike and run as I'm scared to know, YIKES!!! Oh did I mention as the pros whizz round on a racing bike I've been giving a second hand mountain bike, bet it's got no gears! 

Promise to film parts of the race and all sponsorship donations will go towards getting the pumpkin seeds (that's the puppies of Pumpkin, who sadly died not long after giving birth) blood tested at 60 euros per seed. We need 360 euros in total. If not for the race at least sponsor a few euros for the jelly stings....... Thanks in advance . 

Please Paypal! no matter how small, to

 Tina xx



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