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Galgos del Sol (Murcia) makes saving galgos in Spain a reality!

There is an ABSOLUTE NEED to highlight the plight of galgos (greyhounds) in Spain. This blog is to help the refuge, Galgos Del Sol in Murcia, Costa Blanca.

Pumpkin and her six puppies need homes
30 April 2014 @ 14:16

Tina, President of Galgos del Sol, has been back from Boston a couple of days now.

You should read about Pumpkin & her puppies here first. There are many photos on that blog post.

Pumpkin gave birth on the streets in Cartegena in a risky area where her pure breed galgo pups could well have been taken from her and taken into the world of hunting and galgueros. 

Locals and GDS worked together to catch her and bring her to safety. She had apparently been on the streets for many years and has given birth this way many times but none of the pups were ever known to have survived. 

We wonder why she was left so long on the streets, why didn't someone call us earlier? The answer is rescues are just always so full here and people feel they have few places to turn to get help. GDS always pushes the limits with capacity and in fact took Pumpkin and her six babies and kept them safe in the bathroom until space came up. We did this because we also knew YOU would not let us down and would help us fund this sweet family. 

Pumpkin got tired, she's exhausted from surviving alone for so long and sadly couldn't feed the babies anymore so we have taken over the job as heartbreaking as it's been to separate them, believe me it's tough on the soul but Pumpkin needed medication and it was important she couldn't get to the pups to feed them or they would be in danger.

To give them the best start they are on Royal Canin milk and starter food but it doesn't come cheap so once again we put out an appeal for sponsorships to help us feed them. 

Please visit and click 'sponsor a hound' and put in the name of the puppy you would like to feed; Indie, Ink, Sweetpea, Bruno, Zoro and Tiny Tim are all the babies you can choose to help. 

These little ankle biters, born 30th March, are costing a fortune with the puppy milk and starter food. 

 Thank you in advance! 

They all need homes. They are beautiful puppies.

We can start taking enquiries for Pumpkin - she is approx 8 yrs old now - but she won't be ready to travel for a few months yet....she has Erlichia which is now being treated. She is a cheeky wonderful girl that will fit into any gentle pack or home. She deserves a marvellous life, who can offer her that?

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