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Funny Spain Videos

I'm a total YouTube addict so I'm going to hunt out the funniest videos every day to bring some humour into everyones lives.

Americans on coast of Spain
21 July 2008

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Hippi hippi
31 May 2008

El chikichiki but with a difference:

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The posh Englishman in Spain...
30 May 2008

Anyone ever tried this Spanish "delicacy"?  I can't think of anything worse really.

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El ChikiChicki
29 May 2008

Surely the Spain entry for Eurovision has to be one of the funniest things to come out of Spain in recent times!

I still think this song is very funny.  What's with the little plastic guitar at the beginning?

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Red Red Wine
28 May 2008

4 friends driving along in Costa Blanca.  Me think they've had a little too much of the red wine themselves

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Funny Spain Baywatch
28 May 2008

As if Baywatch wasn't cringe-worthy enough, we now have Baywatch in Spain.  Warning: This is very silly!

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