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Let's fly!

Calling people who want to get together and fly microlights!

Want to fly a microlight?
07 January 2016

'I have a dream' 

Since I was young I always had the urge to fly. My father and grandfather were both pilots and unfortunately I wasn't able to join the airforce as they did. Instead I became a soldier. Bad luck!

For the past year I have been looking on Youtube at flying a microlight. I started looking at flying schools and the cost of one of these machines, but everything is so expensive!

So I've decided that I want to build one! I've always been very good with my hands and have made numerous things from furniture to go-carts and I reckon I could do it! I've looked at different types of craft and have decided on a flexwing trike. This link is what inspired me, / The power plant is a motorbike engine!

There are still a few problems, mainly I am a low paid teacher, I don't have a workshop and nor do I have a piece of land big enough to take-off from!

What I'm proposing is.......would you like to join an unofficial club where a group of people can come together to design, bulid and fly microlights. You don't have to be an engineer or ex-fighter pilot, just someone who enjoys tinkering, building things, company and wants a bit of adventure!

The other thing is I live in Villar del Arzobispo, which to those who don't know it, is 40 odd kilometers from the beautiful city of Valencia. ( yeh, over there!)

SO! If there are any people in this sort of area who would like more info or just want to chat, PLEASE get in touch. I'm getting on and this is one thing I must do before I pass on to ' The Great Big Plane in the Sky'




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