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Seeing the Sunny Side of Life

Always look on the bright side of life - if you can't stand optimists - spend some time with me, you'll enjoy moaning about my rose tinted vision. A blog in Irish, English and a little Spanish. Fáilte / Welcome / Bienvenido !

plotting and planning ahead
24 September 2012

Not content with having booked my Christmas holiday , I'd also taken to checking the longterm rentals out.  I might check a few places out while I'm there in December.   A little bit concerned about money matters - nothing unusual there - I'm now thinking of alternatives to my teaching idea.  I came across the Helpx website which offers another way of checking out different areas which will not break the bank and could be a good way of practicing Spanish.  There is also the Vaughan approach but I'm not keen on speaking English all day, everyday, for a week.  Too much of that going on in my own country :-)  There are more ways and means to experience Spain than I had imagined so I'm even more optimistic than ever about moving.

My inbox is now full of emails with the subject lines like "how to learn 1000 spanish words overnight" and travel newsletters and tips of all descriptions.  I can't seem to get stuck into my espanol as there is an even better method of learning arriving every hour.  How do I decide which language plan to follow?  Es muy confuso.  I've decided to go with busuu as I can also use their app on my mobile whenever I've some spare time on the go.   The universe is conspiring to help me along by bringing an old friend to visit and he's fluent in Spanish.  I'll get some practice in over the next few days. He's also very encouraging about my plans - and he knows what he's taking about as he's been on this road himself.  I'm more convinced than ever now that what I'm dreaming of can and will happen - and hopefully sooner rather than later.  

Got myself a new student of Irish this week also.  Tá mé ag súil le casadh léi arís.  All may be quiet on the western shore but the old Irish proverb says "Is minic ciúin ciontach" and you know it's the quiet ones you have to watch -  always plotting and planning.

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Don't tell anyone but
14 September 2012

I'm seriously thinking of moving to Spain. I could sell my house, sell my kids, sell my soul and I'd be all set. Unfortunately it ain't that simple, is it. I tried to sell my soul once but there was no sign of the horny guy. My kids are now bigger than me so I’d have a hard job trying to package them. My house could easily be sold but I like the view from this site so I need a plan B.  I’ll need at least a grand and a half per month to survive.  Níl fhios agam. Céard a dhéanfaidh mé? Diabhal fhios agam. Fan nóiméad, tá sé agam. Gaeilge – sin í an freagra. I’ll teach Irish. I’m sure Europeans realise that Irish will soon be the dominant language in Europe  –  the Queen and Obama are amongst the latest recruits to the cause of world domination as Gaeilge. Is féidir linn a chairde. You read it here first. 

Well now that I’ve that sorted I can relax continue to dream about my Christmas holiday.   I’ve booked the flights and booked the apartment. I’ll have a look around when I’m there. Who knows what’s around the corner – it could be a bridge – it could be a path – it could be you ! You’ll recognise me from my sunny disposition and slightly warped sense of humour. Abair hello amigo .


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