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some watch knowleadges and things friend told me.

The Electric Blue Seamaster
08 August 2009

The Electric Blue Seamaster

The electric blue seamaster was really an ordinary luxury watch for me like all the Omega watch, because a question from my friend it has become particularly for me then.

One day, my friend told me he want to buy the Omega blue seamaster from a web, and he told me that’s a special web just because only they can provide the right omega HE Value copy watch, that’s really different from other web. I’m very surprised about that and told him: you can buy that Omega blue seamaster from any one site, but what’s the right Omega HE Value? and what’s the wrong HE Value? Then he told me one thing make the Omega steel blue seamaster become special for me.

We know there have two Handle on the Seamaster, one handle used to make power of the watch the other handle is the so called Exhaust valve, but for the cheap replica Omega that’s only a decoration. Is the second handle, so called Exhaust valve what make the blue seamaster become special.

My friend told me the wrong Exhaust Handle valve “HE valve” was match with the 10 O’clock marker, that’s say the two is side by side. But the right HE valve is slightly pass the 10 O’clock marker.

Also my friend told me that web can only provide 2 such Omega, the HE valve like what my friend say is “right” just the business men mean that’s wrong and my friend told that they will not provide such wrong Omega again! they say there have only two just because all this kind of Omega they provide are wrong! Just because the factory make a mistake for this watch, now the factory just provide the right omega with the HE vavle side by side the 10 O’clock marker!

That’s really a interesting thing which I never pay attention to. So I browsed many website looking for the blue Omega seamaster, the original Omega website also, but I found the black one is “wrong”? and seldom catch the blue one. Today I by chance get another web about this Luxury Omega watch, I also take some pictures from here, but is really the HE valve slightly pass the 10 O’clock marker or just because I want to find this feature from the watch and insisted that it is look like slightly little pass the 10 O’clock marker? I have been a little confused now.

 The Electric Blue Seamaster

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