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Free-To-Pee.... For now...
14 October 2008 @ 10:05

It’s the final frontier for fees.

But according to most major U.S. carriers, it’s not going to happen. Every time reports appear on new fees levied by the airlines, a goodly number of tongues predict that in-flight pay toilets must be next.  Well, even though it may cost you on the way in, go ahead and drink that extra glass of water with confidence. For now, we are not living in a pay-to-pee world. After an exhaustive investigation, MOST airlines have no plans to charge you to hit the loo.

On the same subject, did you know that there are actually no rules that state an aircraft must fly with a certain number of bathrooms? So you never know, in a bid to cut costs you may yet get Ryanair "Cross-Legged" specials.

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