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Flying? The safest form of transport!!

Looking around and looking up, just to keep an eye on the world of aviation and report those obscure findings and happenings.

Pilot must have thought it was a nudist beach!!
02 October 2008 @ 17:10

This picture was taken by Ludovic Aubert, Imapress/Globe Photo and was published in Life magazine. The location where the picture was taken is Simpson Bay, St. Martin a Dutch and French island, and is so tiny that its Juliana International Airport abuts one of the famed Caribbean beaches."

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Carol said:
02 October 2008 @ 15:37

Thanks for that amazing photo.. Just Unbelievable that it is for real...and not a computer mock up. It Looks as if those people could reach up and touch the plane. Very scary.

Chris said:
05 October 2008 @ 14:55

There are quite a few good videos of airliners landing at the runway threshold just beyond Maho beach, St. Maarten. Also planes starting the take of run with children trying to hang on to the perimeter fence.

Search "planes landing at st maarten" at

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