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Living with a disability in Spain

I would like to learn more about how it is to live in Spain with a disability. To find that out, I will be in Madrid May 11th and 12th to interview people with a disability. This blog will tell all about my preparations and stay.

I enjoyed Madrid, the interview is online
13 June 2017

It has already been four weeks ago I arrived in Madrid for my short stay. I was located in a hostel in the middle of the city center. Although the weather was not terrific, much rain, I enjoyed myself. I went to the Prado museum, walked around the Via Grande. And I had my interview at the Funka office, of course.

The interview is now online:

Interesting for everyone who wants to know more about accessible information transfer for people with a disability.



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Ready for Madrid
16 April 2017

About three and a half weeks I will land on Madrid Bajaras Airport helfway the afternoon. I will come from Lisbon, the first stop of my short trip. 

I did find someone to interview in Madrid. The responsible person for Foreign Affairs of Funka, a company that occupies itself with making information accessible for those who can't take the information the normal way. It's not only about online information, but also about print. 

He isn't disabled himself, but his work has got to do everything with the subject living with a disability. It will be published on as soon as I've finished it. Hopefully around the end of May. I will announce it here in a last blog.

In the meantime: if anyone has practical tips for seeing the most important places in Madrid in just one day, I will be  glad to hear!



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Who in Madrid likes to be interviewed by me?
08 February 2017

Living with a disability isn't easy. I know, because I have a disability myself. In 2013, I wondered how it would be to live with a disability in the separate European Union countries. I started to find out the same year.

Since then, I've been travelling throughout Europe to interview people with a disability. In Germany, the Scandinavian countries, Romania, Ireland etc. May 2017, I will be in Lisbon and Madrid. I visit Madrid on May 11th and 12th and am currently looking for people with a disability who live in the city and like to tell their story to me. As you can guess by this blog, I don't speak Spanish, so you have to be able to speak English. 

I can understand you like to know more about this project. Go to and read all or some of the previous interviews that are already on to get an idea of what I like to talk about. Interested? Just leave a reaction on this blog and I will contact you!

The coming month, I will post some updates on this blog concerning my preparations and after my visit to Madrid of course my findings!



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