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Do like holidays on cruise ships? I work as a Destination Speaker for various cruise lines. Share my experiences, ideas and tips for a great time!

Arrived in Nassau - brilliant!
06 December 2012

The transatlantic crossing had less movement than I expected.   Fortunately, my stateroom was midship and low deck, which for choppy seas is the best situation.  In my opinion anyway.  With so many sea days from Ponta Delgada in the Azores to Nassau, it was a great opportunity for time in the gym and deck-walking amongst all the other activities.

Being part of the Commonwealth, Nassau keeps some of its British traditions, like driving on the left, 'Bobbies' on the beat etc.  Paradise island is a real 'must-see'.  The Atlantis Hotel compex is absolutely unbelievable.  Just to go around the shopping area and Las Vegas style Casino is really worth while.   The famed Aquarium and sharks are worth while to se, although they have a $40 entrance  charge which they didn't have a few years ago.   Still, make a day of it and have lunch at the hotel Marina Village which is really peaceful.

The city itself is a shoppers dream, especially for jewellry lovers,   Just check out the prices and quality very carefully, and get your guarantees for expensive buys.

Later I saw the Ice Show which was excellent, really top class - so good I saw it twice!

Yesterday, I went to the American Diner 'Jonny Rockets', which is an American style 1950's Diner, complete with small juke boxes on each table. The staff even do a special dance every half hour.   Great fun all round.  To start you have a choice of  half onion rings/half chips or chilli or both - then choose your syle of burger with all the toppings.   For dessert, nickerboker glories, apple pie and many more delectable goodies.

No wonder, they say you go on as passengers and go off as cargo!

At the moment, I am in Fort Lauderdale for a few days, for some well deserved retain therapy.

Bi for now.

All questions and queries welcome.



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25 November 2012

Sea days on board this huge ship are great.  So much choice.  My first presentation on Lisbon was very well attended and I have another eight on the sea days ahead.  Meanwhile, I have been learning about 'scrapbooking' which is making your pix look good instead of boring in your album or on display.

Perhaps this time, I will actually try the 42ft rock climbing wall.  I  have to dispell my fear of heights, only to be taken over my my fear of Julie who takes care of my nails at Studio B in Elviria.   I think I fear Julie more!  Not really, she is really patient.  She doesn't know I am writing this - so if you know her, please tell her that I have given her a mention!

On board later, we have a brilliant show 'Invitation to Dance' by the production team, and although I have seen this show numerous times, it is brilliant.   The cast have so much vibrant energy, or so much youth.  Suspect a bit of both.   In the massive promenade at 10.30pm there is the 70's dance party - and a real party it is too.   There is a overhead bridge that lowers and bcomes the stage and everyone just joins in dancing and singing, whatever the age.   In fact, it makes you regain your youth and feel younger too.   Can't wait.....

Must to now to rehearse as I have my presentations on the Azores and  then Pirates coming up soon.

Bi for now.






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19 November 2012

Looking forward to this cruise as then I will spend some time in America as well.   The 'Indepence' is one of my favourite ships.   As it is very large, taking taking over 4,000 passengers, it has the most wonderful facilities.  Whether you enjoy going to one of the best gyms at sea, first rate shows in the theatre or being more independent, because of its size this ship makes it all really easy.   

For me the gym and the shows are the most important although I wish I was more adventurous and go on the Flow Rider or climbing wall.   Maybe, I will get up the courage this time!  What is really great is to just go and watch other people doing the best they can.

So, a lot of a thought has to go in to the packing.   Going from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale with stops inbetween, the best idea is layers, and  with several scaves and bold accessories to change the outfits. Keeping in mind the different  weather conditions and the evening dress codes on board, this is getting like a militiary operation.

I am trying to take as little as possible because I want to be able to assist the U.S. economy while I am there.

Although I have been to Fort Lauderdate before, it was only briefly, so if you have recommendations for nice accessories etc. please let me know.   I remember I enjoyed a river cruise and shopping at Las Olas, and plan to visit again.

Remember - any queries if you are concerned in taking your first cruise, I am always happy to assist.



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Cruise to the U.S.
17 November 2012

I'm off working on a transatlantic cruise to Fort Lauderdale. Being a transatlantic, the cruise has only a few stops and many great sea days which will be full of different activities to be involved with.  After  staying in Fort Lauderdale for a few days I join a huge ship as a passenger for a cruise in the eastern Caribbean.  Large ships have so much diversity, so much space to enjoy and of course to eat wonderful food.  Share my experiences in the next few weeks and more. 

I am happy answer queries if you haven't experienced a cruise and need information to make a decision.  I do not have any material benefits from any cruise line so can give you honest opinions and views.




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