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local wildlife on the costablanca

this is my first ever blog,its a short discription of what i have seen from my home including a pic of a butterfly that perched on my patio chair

local wildlife
20 March 2009

i have always been interested in wildlife and nature and was amazed when one of my neighbours said their was no wildlife here,as she said that i could see a lizzard running along my wall. On most evenings my wife and i sit in our porch [when warm enough] and the same lizzard can always be seen running around the arch of our porch [we named him archie] catching himself small flies and insects ,we have also seen a flock of eagles flying over and many times we have seen flocks of pink flamingos flying over,recently we had a eagle hovering above us with its wings fully opened what a great site that was being able to see all of its details,then the pther day a butterfly landed on one of our patio chairs and it let me get within less than a foot of it to be able to take a photo which i have put on this blog,..Swallowtail  ( Papilio Machaon )


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