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02 January 2013


We bought a front line Apartment ten years ago in La Perla de la Bahia, Casares, Costa del Sol.  We bought it because it was as far away from shops and restaurants in the local village to offer total peace and tranquility, we bought it for the beautiful sea views across to Gibralter.  Little did we know that this was going to change ten years later when our little bolt hole would turn into a nightmare situation because the  Town Hall in Casares made a decision to move a Beach Bar  (La Sal) which has been running for 20 years in the same place  not bothering anyone.

Who would think a building could be constructed in front of you where there is a narrow beach path and just a banking to the beach, they have managed to dig down around 20ft to construct a beach bar with much better views than they have at present!  Our views! This will mean we have to suffer noise, cooking smells from March to November and lose our uninterrupted views, the Town Hall is not answering any letters sent in protest to this happening.  The decision was made in 2010 around the time when Madrid requested all Chinguito's should be moved off beaches, where they have chosen to move La Sal is still on the beach.  Madrid has since relaxed the Law to all Chinguitos being moved within 75 years, so why is this happening?

I am writing this blog to warn any Europeans who have thought of buying in Spain to think twice when paying premium prices for properties which are supposed to be frontline, because even when right on the beach a building can be erected when a Town Hall decides it's ok.

We are going to fight this all the way and want to make as many people aware as possible, if it has happened to us then it must be happening to others.  Frontline should be Frontline.  We have already lost a lot of moneyon our property due to the recession, this will decrease the value of our property further with no compensation.  26 properties will be directly effected.

Ceri Bromley

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