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An Owner's Highs and Lows of golf rental in Murcia

The adventures and challenges of setting up an apartment in Murcia on a golf course as both a holiday home and a rental property, plus the ongoing adventures and challenges of discovering the area and its places of interest.

Rentals picking up?
09 September 2011

Its been quite noticeable the increased interest in renting our apartment this year. Certainly from the websites I am on I've had quite a few enquiries and even a couple already for 2012. Obviously as more family and friends come over word of mouth increases too.

Speaking to other owners most rentals at the moment are usually other owners waiting to complete and wanting to stay on site whilst they do so. We did the same thing 2 years ago and it saved us lots of travelling to be able to spend the days fitting and measuring things at our apartment and then going round to stay within a few hundred yards.

With some of the airlines coming over this month to start negotiations with Corvera airport and looking at properties for crews things could get a lot more positive for the new year.

The biggest drawback at the moment is the limited golf options,i.e. no buggies on site although some private buggies are now available. For owners playing golf is easy and free but for renters it is more difficult.

Fortuneatly the rentals we have had have been people simply looking, at this stage, for relaxation more than golf only holidays and the pools and the gardens are great for that!

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Easter in Corvera
23 August 2011


We were staying at our apartment in Corvera, Murcia, at Easter.
We had seen on the internet that Semana Santa or "Holy Week" in Spain was a big celebration with parades in big cities just about every day in the week leading up to Easter Sunday, some taking up to 7 hours to complete and many offering stands of temporary seats for viewing.
In the small town of Corvera we did not expect to find another parade but to our delight there was one. We were advised the parade was due to start 8.30pm Good Friday evening but, as is the Spanish way, it got under way around 9pm.
A crowd of excited villagers gathered outside Corvera's small Catholic Church which is painted a soft yellow in the dying sun of the early evening. Families with young children, some only 4 or 5 years old, arrived to join the celebrations. Across the road some older ladies arrive in traditional Spanish dress in dark colour  almost appearing in mourning, all with the distinctive high Spanish hair slidesor "barrettes" and black veils.
Inside the church, small children and adults alike gathered excitedly in their groups having arrived in long flowing cassock type gowns in black and white or deep purple, many holding long pointed hoods some with eyeholes in some with their faces on view. Brightly lit inside, the statues to be carried through town of both the crucifixion and also the Virgin Mary adorned in white and gold flowers have pride of place in the little church.
Marching bands arrived, two of them, all in smart uniforms, with a range of musicians from children through to adults on drums and brass instruments.
The parade set off with one band ahead, it being Good Friday the bands’ music is somewhat mournful and the pace slow and laboured, then they are
followed by the slow marching tall-hooded 'Ku Klux Klan' type dress carrying lanterns- yet also looking decidedly baggy and bulging around the midriff?
Next a group of soldiers all marching slowly in a high stepping march the last four all carrying a wooden crucifixion piece and every so often on a given signal raising the crucifixion piece above their heads. No mean feat by the size of it!
Slowly the groups and statues and bands pass through the town with the streets lined with villagers and townsfolk come to see one of the biggest events of the year in this sleepy village.
Finally we notice the children all stood at the side of the road with their hands open - many with carrier bags… and we see the hooded walkers in the parade bringing handfuls of sweets out of their ‘baggy’ gown, some offering pin-badges to visitors. When the parade finally finished after its tour of the town around 11pm, the sleepy children walked back home with their parents with their bulging bags of treats for Easter!
If you are in Spain at Easter one year, I'd recommend a trip to one of the parades for the experience.

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Well I've started it now..
18 August 2011

Yes, I've started a blog. Why you may ask? Well why not?

We have had our apartment at Corvera Golf since July 2009 and its been quite a slow burn getting the resort on its feet with full facilities..... it still is! However, things are beginning to feel positive onsite, rental enquiries are starting to come in, the new Corvera International airport is stated to be ready to open 'early 2012' and Paramount are still making noises about a Theme Park nearby. all of which should drive popularity and tourists.

In the meantime, I like to use our apartment as often as possible - which still isn't often enough! 

We are slowly discovering more sights and activities in the region, finding new Fiestas or celebrations to see and generally treating almost every trip as a fact finding mission.

I'm even learning Spanish or at least have been learning spanish for the past year or so at night classes. So each visit means trying out a little more of my new skills, I'm still far from having a full blown conversation but we will see.

And even better, in September I will be over for a few weeks so should ahve plenty to write about.

If there is anything YOU would like me to write about drop me a line and I will see what I can do - anywhere in the area you would like some more information on or somewhere new you have heard of  - I will see what I can do.

See you soon..

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