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Caz 24hrs

Welcome to my blog. I am going to use it to put up things that interest me and you may find useful. Please give me positive feedback!

What a disaster!
21 March 2011

 Wales and England, (mens) walked off the pitch heads down.  England did win the whole tournament but boy have the Irish gone to town, they are soooo happy.  I was too embarassed to go to the pub, I just knew it would be a difficult one.  I have now pushed my shirt to the back of the wardrobe and am going out today to get a green one.   Well that was the mens side.

The England Womens team.... HOWEVER........ 31 to a big fat Zero against Ireland, claiming not only the 6 nations trophy (again) but also the gran slam, something the men were not able to achieve.   Wales also beat Ireland but only came in 4th. 





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Getting to know Ireland
19 March 2011

Well we got here from the Benidorm area!  It took 2 days to drive from La Nucia, to Cherbourg with a stop overnight in Bordeaux.  We swapped our Spanish car for a UK registered one 3 days before we left and attached our trailer and crammed in as much stuff as we could and shoved off. Cat in the back and Dog at my feet. 

We had to leave loads of stuff we thought we would have room for, which was a bit of a wrench, even though you know its just stuff, I keep looking for it and have to remember we chucked it in the bin.  Mind you the bin divers where there in minutes and it must have made thier day.  I hope they made a killing on Sunday at the Polop Rastro.

We still had hangovers from our all night leaving do!  At El Cau in Polop.

So anyway the Irish adventure started 3 mondays ago, since then we have been to the RDS bike show in Dublin which though a lot smaller than Birmingham or Milan was really good, and very friendly, we saw women trick bike riding, people learning to do wheelies and even Evil Knievel's vehicles.   We got talking to the man on the Triumph stand and are very tempted to buy a new Triumph Tiger for these Irish roads my bike is too sporty.  The pot holes are enormous!

We have also experienced our first St Patricks day, and were the only ones to heed the government warning of not to start drinking before 4pm!

So settling in well.






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