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Dont Hold Your Breath

A light hearted look at SADM

18 March 2010

Its not often I feel the need to blog, but mention Herada Del Tolo or San Jose or Jumilla and the need to blog turns to a near compulsion!
Having been involved with Santa Ana Del Monte since 2003 (I brought off plan when there was only a caravan on site, foolish but true) I also own a place at near La Marina village since 1999. I feel I am more qualified than some others on EOS to make a few comments.
On a nostalgic note my first posting on EOS was met with outrage back in 2005/6 when I dared to suggest that a company which rides roughshod over planning issues would have no hesitation in relieving you of your deposit or 30% of the purchase price, if you failed to complete when they said the property was finished. Even though you would not have been in possession of a habitation certificate! They told me this at the then Torrevieja head office, my solicitor advised that not being in possession of a habitation certificate alone, may not be a sufficient reason, not to complete! I and many like me thought back in 2006 that yes it was late but it would happen.
Since then I have tried many ways to relieve myself of this contract, I thought the project to ambitious, and at the end of the day it relied to heavily on the golf courses, without which it was worthless.
·        To all those who were sold to by the Icelandic brothers Paul and Magnus (can’t think why they left but have a good idea)
·        To all those who spoke with Pepe Consada (5times Spanish open champion who seemed more interested in other sports, than golf these days )
·        To all those who were promised that a Seniors PGA event was to take place at SADM in 2008
·        To all those who thought that the laying of concrete oversights (building term for bases) even though there are no services to them (drainage, sewers etc, which in its self is a mammoth task) thought only 12 months to completion, and better get my money in place.
·        To all those who brought gas central heating (even though they have never see a gas holder in Jumilla)
·        To all those that cant wait to get their free white goods (because the project is a little late!)
·        To all those who thought Reparcelisation was something in the post!
·        To all those with a bank guarantee
·        To all those without a bank guarantee
·        To all those who have no Spanish Lawyer dealing on their behalf
·        To all those with legal representation
·        To those who believed when they were told, on Tele that buying off plan in Spain was safe (Place In The Sun)
·        To all those relying on SARC!!!
·        To all those that think a Sheppard at Christmas is festive thing.
·        To those who think Sarc are in fact agents for sadm/hdt
I have this advice (should be repeated in your head to the tune Men of Harlech)
(Never, Never, Never, Never,
Never Buy off plan in Spain. Off plan in Spain (descant)
Never buy off plan in Spain
Very repetitious but necessary, after two to three days you can put yourself to a test!
Yes you should be able to watch “A Place in the Sun” and not feel the need to B*y (cant print the word)
If by chance you still feel the need to ----
Then try to imagine a caution sign like they have on cigarettes, when viewing “A Place in the Sun) which should read:-
Watching this programme can
Seriously damage your bank balance
And your decision making ability
Thanks for reading

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