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Corazon del Puerto

Corazon del Puerto is a restaurant / bar upstairs in the Marina Salinas in the town of Torrevieja with a magnificent terrace overlooking the Marina

Arrived in Spain
14 August 2014

Hazel and I have now been living in Spain for 4 weeks now and the weather has been great, a bit windy yesterday and today. We are finding out there is a lot of red tape and documents to be filled up and it does not seem to stop, plus it can take 2 years to get the licence for our Restaurant/Bar even though it has been paid for and the National Insurance and tax here is much higher than UK and even more if we employ anyone, so its not all greener on the other side, paying a lot out and not getting a lot back, we need people to come for a drink and a meal as Hazel is a very good Chef and owned her own Hotel for 14 years, getting into the Good Bed & Breakfast Guide by the Which Consumer Association and  was in the Michelin Guide, she also worked / managed a very large Hotel winning Red Stars for front of house.......Cheers Bill

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