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New to Blogging

This is my first Blog. Everyday possible a different subject Who knows where it will go.

The Secret for Me
22 March 2013

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Hiking in Almeria, Spain PART 2
20 March 2013

From Las Menas to Serón Railway Station via Serón

My last blog I didn't explain much about Serón. Follow the link below my wife posted to find out more.

After hiking about 1 km down the main road, there is a turning on the left signed Serón . Follow this narrow winding road down to the out skirts of Serón .  This road is said by locals to have been built on the bones of slaves a thousand years ago.

You are now entering the built up area of  Serón. A small plaza where all the cars are parked is on theright and 3 roads off of it.  Follow the road in front.  Directly in front of you is a very small but nice bar called La Cochera, pop in here because by now you will be in need of some refreshment, the landlord and landlady, are friends of mime, speak a small amount of English and will make you very welcome.

After you have had a rest, come out of the bar turn right and right again and following the road you were on earlier, about 100 meters on this road it becomes quite steep,  just there is a road on the right up to the castle.  Where views are stunning, with a stairway up to the castle that is open all year round.


At the castle car park there is a small path which takes you down to the main Plaza where all the fiestas are held, there is a great Bar/resturant here if you feel the need to stop again.


The road carries on down to a main road. At the main road turn left, there are footpaths here, following the road for about 300 meters a road on the left signed Los Zoilas/Sams Bar will appear, take it. This is my old bar but the new people are very friendly and will make you very welcome. 


The bar is in the sport centre, if not stopping for a drink here carry on past the sport centre without entering the main gate, but carry on down the road. At the bottom there is a rambler(river bed), normally no water, cross over and carry on up the dirt track.On the left is a tarmac road up to some houses, just pass them is the old railway track, now it is a public walk way.  Turn onto the via verde(green highway)and then left towards the old railway station. This is where the cable car ended.  The station was closed in the 1970s and now has a bar open in the summer months, also Serón holds an annual childrens activity weekend here every year which is free.   Here is the end of our hike. 




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Crazy Hiking in Spain
19 March 2013

Hiking in Andalusia

There are many great places to hike in Andalusia.  This one is maybe one of the craziest.


 Just outside the tiny village of Chorro, is one of the scariest hike in Spain.

Follow this link to see a video of the complete climb.

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Hiking in Almeria, Spain
15 March 2013

From Las Menas to Seron Railway Station via Seron



Las Menas 

The beautiful ancient mining village of Las Menas nestles in a tranquil valley about 15 km into the mountain range of the Los Filabres.

Iron Ore 

In its hayday this mining community produced tonnes of iron ore to be sent all over the world. British owned there are examples of British architecture to be seen. This  village had about 3000  inhabitants and boasted a bull ring, hospital, bar and its own police force.  A small church saw to the religious needs of the village.  There was a cable car system ( removed in the early 70's) in place running from the village down the valley to the distant town of Seron, some 12 kilometres away.
Nowadays it boasts a Bar, camping area, Hotel and a museum.  There are two roads that service the village today a new road built about 10 years ago and an old road built when the village was first founded.  Although there are a few inhabitants today mostly you will find tourist, hikers and bikers visiting.
The best time to do this hike is between the months of March and November because of inclimate weather conditions. Also it is better to hike in the mornings as there is plenty of shade at this time of day. Carry water with you as a precaution. 
As we walk down the old road to seron I will explain the high points of the hike.
The best place to start is at the Bar in Las Menas.  Depending on the time of day this is a great place for refreshments/ coffee.  A nice relaxing start to our hike down the valley to Seron.
We decend down the old tarmac road we pass the new hotel on the left, down to an old iron bridge, this you could probably imagine was the centre of most of the activities and if you are careful and walk around a bit you will find a huge area where they collected the iron ore. It looks something like the dwarf city in the Fellowship of the ring with its huge arches.
Following the road down another kilometre you will see the small church. Just pass here on the oppisite side of the road are two Gothic Mansions where the British owners of the mines lived. I have looked around one of them and you can imagine how magnificent they would have been at the turn of the century. 
There are a few other building in disrepair as you carry on walking down the road.  Soon you are walking in Pine forests with the road winding down the valley you start seeing the fantastic views to Seron and beyond.  As the pine forest gets left behind you. Look to the left on the mountains side you can see what remains of the old cable car system that took the ore to the train station in seron.
Moving down the valley you can now experience the stunning views of the Almanzora valley with over 150 wind turbines in the distance. The peace and serenity of the area is an experience I reccomend.
The road has been dug out of the mountain here. On one side a 200 metre drop with a stream flowing at the bottom,depending on the time of the year, the other side sheer cliff.  In the late 19th century you can visualise the work that must have gone into making this road.
3 kms on the old road now meets up with the new one and this is the one place where you have to be careful as there are no pavements, but with the normal care when walking on roads this isn't a problem. So far we have hiked about 8 kms
Seron is now is sight

 to be continued

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