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Welcome to the Artemis Internet Marketing Blog where we will keep you updated on the latest Search Engine news as well as some lighter and more humorous topics. We will also bring you GOOD and POSITIVE news from around Spain to help keep us all sane.

The Costa del Sol - News
12 June 2008

Well it's the start of a new week here on the Costa del Sol and the sun is out. Seems like the press have been at it again with their 'opinions' on the Spanish property market and the impending property crash in Spain.

Personally I am not sure here they get all of their facts and figures from. Of course the Spanish property market has slowed down and the prices have fallen slightly but to be honest that has been expected for a while now.

Artemis Internet Marketing do the SEO in Spain for a number of estate agents and have seen first hand the number of property enquiries diminishing over the last 18 months at least. So in real terms it would appear that the 'slow down' started over a year ago. However some of the figures being thrown around by the UK press are very exaggerated.

At the end of the day the slow down has not been driven by overpriced property nor has it been driven by 'dubious' planning and corruption - this has been going on for decades and still is in many of the 'emerging' property markets, yet we do not read about those. It is however affected by the credit crunch and the weak pound / strong euro.

There are still people buying and NOW is a superb time to pick up a bargain.

Where else can you be 2.5 hours from the UK and find sunshine most of the year, a good solid infrastructure, good health care, good schools, a lower cost of living, a healthier climate etc. etc?

For these reasons Spain will come back as the FRONT RUNNER for property buyers abroad.

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Google Adwords Lesson 1
28 May 2008

Artemis Internet Marketing are one of the leading companies in Spain providing effective Internet Marketing in Spain and overseas for a growing number of clients.

Our philosophy is quite simple. We explain things in plain English and provide realistic targets and expectations. We firmly believe that as long as we do what we say we will do (often exceeding these expectations) we will develop a long term relationship with our clients.

The following post is lesson one in setting up an effective Pay Per Click advertising campaign. To be honest all of the information below is on the Internet if you have the time and dedication to researching the subject. We hope that the lessons that appear here will give you a head start with advertising your business online.

Remember for the most effective results you need to monitor and tweak the adverts on an ongoing basis. That is where we can help as we offer Pay Per Click Management services in Spain

That aside whether you want help or not the following lesson will guide you through step one of setting up an effective PPC campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Lesson One

Whatever product or service you want to advertise you need to know what keywords people will use to find your services (or products) online. Many will be common sense but you want to make sure you capture as much TARGETED traffic as possible.

We use the word TARGETED as it is one of the most important factors in keeping your AdWords costs down whilst receiving the best quality visitors and leads.

If you have an Italian restaurant in the middle of Estepona you would not want to use the keywords "Italian restaurants Spain". Yes you will more than likely get far more traffic by using it but only a small percentage will actually be potential clients in your area or about to visit your area. The same goes for property. If you only sell property on the Costa del Sol it is a waste of money and your time to have the keyword "property for sale Spain". You will get people looking in Costa Blanca, Madrid, Valencia etc. and not be able to help them. YOU would have paid for the click but with no chance of getting the business.

Research suitable keywords

There are some tools to help you with this, although none of them are fantastic, they will give you an idea of the most search terms. The best one seems to be wordtracker but it is not free. Try it here. It is however one of the best and most used tools by Search Engine marketers to research suitable keywords.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing. See what words they appear for and do the same.

Adding your keywords - Do you broad match, phrase match or exact match?

This is an area where the majority of people not employing a PPC management company fall down. Google has various options available for your keywords.

Broad Match - this means that if you enter the words Luxury Italian Restaurant Estepona your advert could potentially appear for any of the words or any combination of the words i.e. luxury restaurant, marbella restaurant etc. It could also appear for any other words tagged on to the search query such as luxury restaurant France, or Italian restaurant central London.

If your business relies on a certain geographic or sector do not use broad match as the quality of visitors will be lower and you will spend your budget much faster

Phrase Match - this gives you more control over what searches your advert will be found for. To use phrase match you simply insert your keywords inside speech marks. So now the term "Italian restaurant estepona" will only be returned if all words are within the search query i.e. restaurant estepona, Italian estepona etc. It also allows for words to be added in the search phrase i.e. good Italian restaurant in estepona, cheap Italian restaurant estepona etc.

Exact Match - this is used to ensure your advert ONLY appears for the keywords you want it to. To exact match you place your advert within square brackets. So the term [Italian restaurant Estepona] will ONLY appear for that exact search. The Search Italian restaurants near estepona will not appear when using exact matching.

You can of course be clever when creating your keyword list but you will need to understand a little more about Google AdWords. You can include negative keywords. This means that by adding a minus symbol - to the front of a keyword if a search has that word in it, your advert will not appear.

For example using the following negative words means that if any of the following terms are included within a search, your advert will not appear.
-puerto banus

In the next lesson we will take a look at creating effective adverts and landing pages.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about PPC advertising please feel free to ask

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