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Mind their financial advisor

If using Ambasun watch out for their financial advisor - it cost me £5000 that I am fighting to get back

Amba Sun has a dodgy financial advisor - Extreme caution advised
07 May 2010

I had a great trip with AmbaSun locating perfect property - BUT they have an in house Independant Financial Advisor (Teresa Lovett) who gave us inaccurate financial advise. causing us to deposit £5000 on a property.  When the incorrect advise prevented us purchasing the property, we found Teresa Lovett seemingly has no qualifications, tried to stitch up the UK financial advisor we used on the remortgage and actually gave incorrect figures from the start.   Unfortunatly Amba Sun do not understand the issue, will not return our deposit, but offered more thanthe deposit to enable us to complete.  They have never understood the position their advisor has put us in either.  She was also very lax in her organisation and unhelpful when filling out forms etc.  It was very suspicious thet they would offer anything to get the sale through, but not our deposit back.. Also what we were being offred mortgage wise was as far as I could find out, illegal in Spain.  There is something very fishy going on there.

I would be grateful of anyone who has experienced similar and how they managed to get their deposit back.  I am forwarding the complaint to the spanish equivilent of the FSA - Is their anyone else who should be informed, this can be stopped.

Re Question on details of Ambasun,

The details I have are as follows,

Ambasun Costa Blanca

Commercial La Ronda

Locales 5/6



Tel 965.320.675

Fax 965.321.016



I suspect they are one and the same team/organisation.

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