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AguaSpheres - Latest Aquatic Craze

AguaSpheres are huge inflatable water walking balls that you climb inside and get inflated around you. They let you walk, run, roll, flip and spin on top of the water, without even getting wet! A unique attraction for pool and birthday parties, special events, fun sessions etc.

La Cala Lions Christmas Fair at Tamisa Hotel, Mijas Golf
22 November 2008

Just a very quick interlude.

If anyone reading this lives on CDS please come along to support the La Cala Lions Christmas Fair to be held today Sunday 23 November at the Tamisa Hotel on the Fuengirola-Coin Road at Mijas Golf.

The fair kicks off at 11.30am and runs until 6pm. The La Cala Lions do some fantastic work for charities and with your support, they can continue to contribtute to support local charities during these difficult times.

AguaSpheres will be at the pool and will welcome anyone to have a go. See you there!

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Finding the truth in Spain
22 November 2008

Some of what will be written in this blog may have some of you old hands cringing in your chair and crying in your tea.

Some will question my naiveity, some may even question my sanity.

But for us, this has been a learning curve and an adventure and we expected no less. For all you who may want to jump in with "I could have told you so" or "did you not do your research" should remember that life is an adventure, and that man originally did not know that fire burned until he stuck his hand in it!

The truth in Spain is very difficult to find. Our first discovery soon after we arrived was to "believe very little of what you see and absolutely nothing of what you hear". If you contine down this road, you will not go far wrong.

Also believe that the vast majority of people over here, whether ex-pat or native Spanish, will try and rip you off as a new arrival, especially if you have a little cash to spend on a business venture.

Once you get your head around this concept it will make life here much more enjoyable and will relieve the strain of moving to a new country and new culture.

We have had many hiccups to iron out in the 6 short months we have been here. We are still not completely financially settled, but we love it here, and wild horses would not drag us back home t the UK.

I will start the story on my next post.

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