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Spain Money Saving Tips and Offers

Save money in Spain. Providing regular money saving tips, tricks, offers, cheap deals and guides for people living in or visiting Spain. Covers shopping,restaurants, going out, supermarkets, insurance, bank accounts, utilities, phone/mobiles etc.

Ryanair will force parents travelling with children to reserve seats on flights at the cost of £8
29 July 2016

Ryanair will force parents travelling with children to reserve seats on flights at the cost of £8. 

Under the low-cost carrier's existing rules all passengers can currently choose to save money by having their seats randomly allocated.

But the Dublin-based airline said this has led to 'boarding issues' as crews try to re-seat adults and children who have been separated.

From September 1 adults travelling with children under 12 years old will have to purchase a reserved seat. 

A standard reserved seat costs £8 per flight, according to Ryanair's website.

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Spanish Property is Undervalued by 26%
17 January 2016

According to the Organisation for Economic Development (OECD), property prices in Spain are undervalued by 26%, whilst prices in the United Kingdom are 7% overvalued.

The research by the OECD has been running for the last decade and examines property prices against wages in each country.  It then compares this against the long term average for each country.

According to the methodology used by the OECD, a value of 100 shows that property prices are fair value and in line with long term averages.  A reading of 90 means property is 10% undervalued compared to its long term average.  A value of 110 would show a 10% over valuation compared to the long term average. 

Spain scores a value of 74 in the latest research, giving an under valuation of 26%.

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John Lewis Deliver to Spain for only £7.50 per order
31 December 2015

British Department store John Lewis will deliver to Spain for only £7.50 per order.  Delivery time is 3-7 days and you casn pay via Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and PayPal.

They have a special website here for those living in Spain:

For Returns they state the following:

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you're not, please follow the instructions on your delivery note and return it to us at the address shown, obtaining proof of postage. Unless faulty, we'd like you to make your return within 90 days of purchase, and please note that you'll need to bear postage costs. If the item is faulty, damaged or not as described, please call us on +44 1698 545 454.


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EasyJet Sale now on - Up to 20% off 500,000 seats
29 December 2015

The Easyjet sale is now on and they are offering up to 20% off 500,000 seats.  I'm usually cynical about these sort of sales.  Do they just artificially bump up their prices for a month before the sale and then with a big fanfare offer them at the original price in the "sale"?  Anyway, still worth taking a look.

From the EasyJet website:

The easyJet 20th Birthday sale is now on!

Come celebrate with us and enjoy savings of up to 20% on 500,000 seats across Europe.

Whether it's your favourite spot you visit year after year or somewhere completely new, we have over 140 destinations for you to explore. And with up to 20% off selected routes, now is the perfect time to book your 2016 get away!

But hurry, our sale ends midnight Wednesday 13 January 2016. So don't delay, grab a great deal on one of our flights and look forward to your next break with us!

The details:

    We’ve got up to 20% off 500,000 seats
    All are for travel between 4 February and 6 July 2016
    Fantastic partner offers also available

Search now and look out for the fares marked ’SAVE’ offering up to 20% off.


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Next Offer Free Delivery to Spain
29 December 2015

I've just discovered British clothing shop Next offer free delivery to Spain.  I wished I had known that earlier!  The free delivery applies to orders over €30.  You'll need to order via the Spanish Next website, which is in English:

From the Next website it states the following:

Our Free Delivery offer is currently available on all orders over €30. Next reserves the right to amend or change the free delivery offer at any time.

Your order will be shipped out in special Next packaging.

Orders under €30 will be charged at €3 for each order, regardless of how many items you order.


I’ve been using TransferWise to send money abroad. Really easy and a lot cheaper than the bank! Sign up now using this link and get your first transfer up to £2,000 for free..

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Holiday windfall for Britons as euro slides
04 January 2015

British families can expect to save hundreds of pounds on trips across Europe due to a slide in the value of the euro which has created the cheapest holiday-booking season since the financial crisis, experts have said.

Holidaymakers can expect to save anything between five and 15 per cent on the cost of travel and accommodation booked this month and pay almost 20 cent less than last year on expenses such as eating out.

Experts said British travellers could expect the cheapest holiday prices since before the financial crisis of 2008. It comes as the travel industry prepares for the traditional January surge in bookings.

Read the full article at the

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Barclays to pull out of Spain - I'm gutted
20 May 2014

Barclays recently announced to the London Stock Exchange that it will be pulling out of Europe, including Spain.  After it's startegic review, Barclays has decided that it's European Retail division is not a core are of business.  Here are the relevant bits from their stock market announcement:

Barclays today also announces the creation of Barclays Non-Core. This unit groups together those assets which do not fit the strategic objectives or returns criteria underlying the Strategy Review. Barclays will look to exit or run down these assets over time. Barclays Non-Core consists of c.£115bn of RWAs (including £59bn of Transform Exit Quadrant Assets held at year end 2013) with associated leverage exposure of c.£400bn, comprising:

c.£90bn of Investment Bank RWAs, including non-standard FICC derivatives, non-core commodities and specific emerging markets products

c.£16bn of Europe retail RWAs, representing the entirety of the business, reflecting its non-strategic nature to Barclays

c.£9bn of certain Corporate, Barclaycard and Wealth RWAs

I'm gutted that Barclays are pulling out of Spain.  We have had our joint account with them since we moved to Spain five and a half years ago.  We have their Opportunity Account, which is commission free; has no minimum funding requirements and gives us 3% cash back each month on our bills. 

I've also found their customer service to be excellent, as is their internet banking.  Staff were always very polite and helpful, which can be unusual for Spain.

It's going to be tough finding a replacement bank account that comes close to what Barclays have offered us over the last 5+ years.  I'm not sure when Barclays will finally close it's doors in Spain, but we should have at least until the end of this year to find a new current account.

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Free bottle of wine after we paid for our meal
17 May 2014

Recently we got a free bottle of red wine at one of our local ventas after we had paid the bill.  It was for us to take home and have there.  This venta is a place we go to regularly and has a very good reputation locally.  The reviews on tripadvisor attest to this. 

Everything about the place is classy.  The decor is very modern, not your typical rustic style venta.  The service is excellent.  The owner always makes time to come over and chat to you and makes you feel welcome.  The food is the best part.  It's modern Spanish cooking, beautifully presented, with generous portion sizes.  It's not the cheapest place but I think it represents excellent value for money.  In the 5 years we've been here, it's never let us down.

We used to go mainly for special occassions, a couple of times a year, but recently we've been going every month or two.  

We were pleasantly surprised the last time we went when we received a complimentary bottle of wine for us to take home.  This was after the complimentary drink you get after you've finished (I usually opt for the Pacharán!).

I don't know if everyone got a free bottle of wine or if it was just the regulars that got it.  Either way, I thought this was a really good bit of PR, and of course, we will be returning soon.  So I guess their plan worked!!

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Don't use a Solicitor to do your Spanish Tax Return
12 May 2014

A lot of the expats I know use a solicitor to do their Spanish tax return.  I'm amazed at the fees the solicitors charge them.  In some cases this can be hundreds of euros, and is often more than the actual tax that has to be paid.

In fact, I bet the solicitors don't even do the tax returns themselves.  They will probably get an asesor/gestor to do it for a fraction of the cost and the solicitor will pocket a nice margin on the deal.

I know you could try and do your own tax return, thus paying no fees but I wouldn't recommend it.  Spanish tax can be an absolute minefield and there have been a lot of changes over tha last couple of years in relation to what deductions can be claimed for example.

You can actually get a appointment at your local tax office and they will submit your tax return for free.  However, it can be difficult to get an appointment as they seem to go as soon as they're released.  Also, it's not really in their interest to try and reduce your tax bill.

The best option, in my opinion, is to get an asesor/gestor to do your tax return.  You should expect to pay around 40 to 50 euros for this.  My asesor charges 40 euros if we do a joint tax return, or 50 euros if we need to do them separately.  He calculates whether a joint or single tax return is the cheapest.  All I do is turn up with my borrador and the various documentation needed and hand them over.  He then calls me a week or so later to say everything is ready to submit.  I pop back in, check it looks ok, then he submits it to Hacienda.

Using an asesor/gestor is the approach that most of the Spaniards I know take.  It's a cheap and stress free way of getting your tax return.  Solicitors should definitely be avoided.

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Hola Unblocker Firefox and Chrome Add on to Watch British TV online without VPN
03 May 2014

Hola Unblocker is a really cool add on for Firefox and Chrome that lets you trick websites into thinking you're in the UK (or any other country for that matter).  I've been using it with BBC IPlayer and have been really impressed with it.  I've been able to stream from my laptop without any problems.  It should also work with ITV Player, Channel 4oD and Channel 5's Demand 5.

I still have a VPN with HideIPVPN to be on the safe side though, which I use on my Android IPTV box for IPlayer etc.

Here is the Firefox Hola Unblocker add on:

You can get Hola Unblocker from the Chrome Web Store here:



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