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Rip Off Garage

Excessive overcharging for checking oil in Citroen automatic gearbox.

Rip Off Garage
24 April 2010


I have a ten year old Citroen xsara hatchback and just lately its been acting the bear when I'm stood at traffic lights waiting for the green signal to "go." An old friend suggested that I take it to a Citroen service garage and have the oil level checked in the gearbox. I went to my nearest Citroen service garage and asked how much it would be for them to check the oil level in the automatic gearbox.. I never said or mentioned anything else, just that I wanted them to check the oil level on the automatic gearbox. A young mechanic guy lifted the hood and peered inside the engine. "Yes, we can do that, no problem, we can check the oil for you." "How much will that be" I asked him and how long will it take, because if you want to do it right now I will have to let my wife know, she worries when I'm not around the house." "Okay, okay, if you bring the car tomorrow morning you can leave it and come back tomorrow afternoon for you to take away." I was steered towards the reception desk where a young woman was busy using a computer. I could see that there was a picture of a gearbox on the screen with all its various bits and pieces. "Can you bring the car tomorrow morning?" She asked. "Yes, I think so," I said, " but I would like to know how much it is going to cost me for you to  just check the level." "It will be Euro 200,00." She said, without batting an eyelid! I was absoutely staggered - I couldn't catch my breath! I actually thought I was hearing things in my old decrepit state. "Will you be so kind as to write the price down for me?" I said, "Are you sure it will be Euro 200,00? " "Yes." she confirmed. I hurriedly left and made my way down town to a ford garage. I explained that I would like the automatic gearbox oil to be checked and that was all. Without further ado, the hood was up and the oil level was checked. As I watched him I saw exactly what he was doing. He confirmed that the oil needed to be changed because it had lost its viscosity and very dirty. I choose to have him change the oil for new. He, after completing the job, asked me to go with him to take the car for a "spin" to make sure everything was working okay. Needless to say it was. All in all, it took just over an hour for the whole business. I was highly satisfied, especially when the cost was Euro 40,00 - a big saving of Euro 160.00. 

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