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Living the Dream in Almería

For those who have been logging on to In search of a Dream, sorry!!! This new blog is about our day to day life as we try to complete our madcap projects.

Soul Food
15 January 2009

OK, so the plastic sheet is now back in place - although why we had to carry two long ladders 200 metres up the camino when we have a perfectly good trailer remains a mystery.   Looking through the windows (shock - forgot to draw curtains on last visit and cushions seriously faded ) there does not appear to be too much wet but the awning which is rolled up on the floor may account for that...  The keys are still in hiding probably, as Sandra implies, in a pocket somewhere.  They certainly didn't go in the washing as they were part of a large bunch.

Anyway this morning dawned bright and sunny so I took myself off for a walk with Kippy to charge the batteries.  This is what I see less than ten minutes walk from our new house, Finca la Serenidad


Sort of lifts the spirits, doesn't it?

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Never trust a man with keys
14 January 2009

At the weekend it rained cats and dogs (shock, horror, RAIN in Almería??!).  There had also been a lot of wind and the plastic sheet covering the (leaky) roof of the static caravan originally purchased to house our builders had more or less blown off.

Today's sunshine seemed like the ideal opportunity to get the cover back on but first we needed to open the caravan to see what havoc has been wreaked inside. 

The keys were last used sometime last summer but should have been easy to find:   I am not known for my tidy nature and neither is Terry, so we have a very simple system -  there is a box for keys.  It is the responsibility of whoever uses them last to replace them there.  This is VERY important because not only do we have two houses of our own to worry about but we also have spares for no fewer than 6 other friends and neighbours.  I live in constant fear of losing someone else's keys.

So no surprise when I went to the box and ... no keys.  I was not a happy bunny because I know he must have been the last to use them because I can't make the caravan door key work.  He enquired in injured tones that 'I suppose you think it's my fault...??..'    

Long story short, three hours fruitless searching and still no keys.  My presence is now required at the caravan as plastic sheet replacement is a two-person job. 

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