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My Epic Journey Across The World

I have always believed in "Destiny" and many times I am asked to define my version of "Destiny" and mine is pretty much like this : Destiny is unlike fate, where fate you can control and make on your own. Destiny takes the form of things that are to happen, whether good or bad. My Birth Place began in Africa and now I strongly believe that my "Finish Line" is Spain, well at least the place that calls to me in more ways than one. It is a journey I will share with you. So I have gone from Cape Town to London and now heading to Spain, but with that comes patience, legalities, hopes and dreams. Watch my Space as I share with you the "Epic Journey" I am taking, and what a journey it has been so far.

Cape Town to London to Spain
13 February 2011

Sitting looking out across the garden, as the rain falls for the third day. Not really rain as I know thundering hard rain to be but merely drizzle, grey skies, soft drizzle. Then I stop and think what is it I have enjoyed so much about my last two years living here in the UK.

The freedom to walk the streets to the local Sainsbury's without feeling anxious about being mugged. The fact that everything works here, by that I mean if you send out mail,your mail gets to the destination. My son is in the British Military and for a mother to send a parcel and it gets there in 2 days is more than good, it is what I say "FLIPPIN AMAZING". The parcel arrived in one piece, got to the destination as said at the post office and was not lost or vandalised in any form. I also cannot get over the fact that I can get into my car and place my handbag on the seat next to me and get to my destination in once piece without my car being hi-jacked at gun point or my window being smashed to grab my handbag.     

I lived in a beautiful suburb by the sea in Cape Town, one would call it a really lovely "plush" area to live, but with that came the elements of how safe you felt within your "nest - home" . I was so shocked when I arrived in the UK to find that the homes did not have high security walls with electric fencing, alarm systems, burglar proof bars on ALL windows and doors. The best ever is the fact I can walk my dog in a field without being killed, "oh my gosh it is paradise" I cannot get over it.

Back in South Africa you would be called "stupid, insane" if you as a woman walked the streets at 7pm to go to your local store - NO WAY.  

Sadly to say I was a victim to crime a car hi-jacking, and home intrusion, something I never want to repeat. It happened in Gauteng which is one of the nine Provinces of South Africa, crime is really bad there.    

So getting onto the "moans" I here from UK citizens, I either sit in silence and think how spoilt and ungrateful they are. I have often mentioned to colleagues I have worked with here in the UK that they have a brilliant country and should be lucky.  

I am truly greatful in every way that I have had the opportunity to spend my two years here in the UK, and so I say THANK YOU UK for making my two years so fantastic and safe.

BUT! yes the big question is BUT what makes me want to move on, well exactly not for any other reason but the fact I MISS the sunshine, warmth, the beach, the long warm nights of outdoor suppers. I am just not a winter person and I hate the cold at times. I have spent my life outdoors with people, animals and the beach.

So more than ever is the place I want to be and that is where the sun shines most. SPAIN oh! SPAIN oh! SPAIN!   

I have an interesting back ground, my father being Portuguese and my mother South African. My Portuguese way of upbringing is very similar to the Spanish way. I never spoke Portuguese at home but merely broken Portuguese to my Granny who did not speak English. I speak two languages fluently and that is of course English and Afrikaans (similar to Dutch).

I was brought up in the traditional Portguese way, which means cultural cooking and fiesta's, of which I find similar to the Spanish way.

So in the meantime my hubby and I will start the process of visiting Spain to find where we would love to stay, so I would love to hear from those who live in and around the Alicante, Costa Blanca area as we are told it is really a beautiful beach area to live. I don't want to live where it is over crowded with holiday makers. We do want to live near the beach but where it is a stable yet traditional area and of course security is important as well.

We want to buy property in Spain and settle. 




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