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Ryanair don´t care

Having had my flight cancelled last Saturday from Malaga to East Midlands, with no prior notice and no-one at the airport to advise passengers, I thought I should write a blog about the Ryanair fiasco.

Ryanair don´t care
18 May 2010 @ 21:25

Having had my flight cancelled from Malaga to East Midlands last Saturday, I felt compelled to write of the rip-off fiasco that Ryanair has become. I understand that safety is the most important issue here, and I fully understand why planes are cancelled due to the Volcanic ash cloud, but Ryanair refuse to fly when other budget airlines are taking to the skies. Why? Because they won´t fork out for the extra fuel to take them around or over the cloud! I was told this by a Ryanair representative at East Midlands (only when I asked, at the same time I was told there was nowhere to make a written complaint). I arrived at Malaga last Saturday morning to take a 1pm flight to East Midlands, only to see ´flight cancelled´ on the departures board, along with every other Ryanair flight due to leave on that day. Easyjet were still flying to East Midlands and other regional airports, along with BMI Baby and most other aircraft. I had to get back to see my father who is ill, so waiting a few days until Ryanair decided to fly again was not an option. I re-booked for a flight to Birmingham two hours later at a cost of €250 with BMI Baby (ouch). On arriving in Birmingham I had to take a taxi to the coach station at a further cost of 22 pounds. On hearing the last coach had left 15 minutes earlier, I took another taxi to the train station at New Street, and then paid 14 quid for a train to Nottingham. All in all it cost me €300 to get back. Yes, I know I can get refunded the €45 for one way flight to East Midlands that was cancelled but what about the rest of it?? Why can´t ´don´t care Ryanair´ have a representative at the airport when they decide to cancel flights to explain what to do and where to go to the hordes of holidaymakers who were left alone and worried at the airport last weekend? Most of whom had checked out of their holiday accommodation and were told by Ryanair office girl ´there will be no flights today and you will have to apply for a refund online.´ Not much help to the family of six, who didn´t have enough funds on their credit card to rebook flights or stay another three days until Ryanair decided to fly again. My main point is this! If Ryanair have a policy of cancelling flights when there is volcanic ash disruption, and refuse to add more fuel to fly over the damn cloud, perhaps they should advise their clients of this on their website, and not wait until they have greedily grabbed everyone´s money and then leave them high and dry thousands of miles from home in a foreign airport! Shame on you Ryanair. Your customer service is non-existent, and it´s time you started to care.

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kimborob said:
19 May 2010 @ 14:55

I couldn't agree more. Have you looked at their customer charter etc? They promise to deal with complaints etc within 7 days but they make it so god damn difficult to complain that I guess, a bit like me, everyone just gives up. I have tried calling their customer service number over 100 times and it has never been answered yet. I have also been trying to fax them my claim for €250 for flight cancellation, as like you said, i don;t think their excuse is valid when other airlines are flying the same route, but guess what, their fax machine is permanantly engaged, even at 3am. I have unsuccessfully tried to fax my claim in over 30 times now. Any idea if there is any sort of ombudsman I can complain to about this?? Cause Ryanair are a cheap airline, no doubt about it but now i've decided that you only get what you pay for, their customer service is non existant and they really DONT CARE. Shame on you Ryanair

Jane Love said:
19 May 2010 @ 15:03

I hope that the bad feeling towards these ´cowboys in the sky´ escalates, and they are forced to change their company policy about when and where to fly, and also to improve customer service. Ryanair is a shambles, and from speaking to other passengers at Malaga last week, who also fell victim to the cancelled flight rule, I hope the airline is boycotted!

Anne said:
19 May 2010 @ 19:46

They would soon change their policy if people voted with their feet and boycotted them.... this inability to communicate with their clients has been going on for years and how they have got away with it for so long is beyond me. I agree everyone who has witnessed this first hand should report them to an ombudsman....if anyone has any information in this regard (who to report these occurrences to) then please post it here and we could set up a thread to educate folk how to take action.

John Etheridge said:
21 May 2010 @ 11:16

Three or four years ago we were flying to Mucia on Ryanair. Half an hour from arrival we were told that we were being diverted to Alicante because of runway light failure at Murcia. We were informed that there was transport arranged for those wishing to continue to Murcia. My wife and I were last to disembark as I was disabled and wheelchair bound. We were a little slower reaching the carasel at arrivals where our cases were the last waiting to be picked up. When we got outside the terminal there wasn't a sign of any transport and knowone to inform us of what to do. We were lucky that our car hire opperated out of Alicante and were able to change our booking at no extra cost. We had the same problem trying to make a complaint and in the end gave up.
So to add to all the other names that they have been called, I would like to add, HEARTLESS !!!!

Jane Love said:
21 May 2010 @ 11:29

I agree John, they really don´t care, and I hope people vote with their feet and boycott the bandits all together!

John Etheridge said:
21 May 2010 @ 16:34

Hi Jane, We are between a rock and a hard place in that we can't afford the alternatives.We come over to our place near San Pedro twice a year and let it to family and frends at other times. We have now got everything we need in the house to avoid bringing cases and just bring hand luggage only. We do everything to the letter so that they can't make a charge for anything. We have been lucky up to now but it's as if they are watching to see where they can catch you out.

Bernie said:
11 January 2011 @ 13:13

They recently cancelled our flight to Derry from Stansted as we were walking to the GATE...YES! No explanation as to why and we asked for a refund as we had to go via Manchester with BMI at a cost of £500 on the 23rd DEC as that was the only way we were going to get to Ireland for Xmas with my family.
they are refunding the flight purchase but have taken 34.84 Euros admin fee I presume no explanation again!!

Jane Love said:
11 January 2011 @ 20:04

Typical - there must be an official body one can go to ...does anyone know of one?

22 September 2011 @ 12:31

Boycott is the only way to act towards Ryanair.Exploitation of so many young people for profit must stop.
Great post.
John Foley
Founder of Ryanairdontcare Campaign,the only anti Ryanair employment site..

Alex said:
08 October 2011 @ 11:05

I would like to recommend this web page to everybody who has ever gone through Ryanair experience:
I would like to thank John who is Ryanair Don't Care Campaigner for his persistent effort and incredible courage in bringing up facts about Ryanair to light.
Thank you John! Respect.

Winston Churchill: "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."

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