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Doing it in Spain

Wonderful idea to start a business in Spain! Wonderful idea to set up a designer clothes dress agency when no-one else is doing it in the middle of a crisis. Especially as there are thousands in the UK and USA (Consignment Agencies). Follow the trials, tribulations and triumphs of a single girl doing it on her own, in a foreign country!!

International Women - I just love them
08 March 2013

I hope all my fellow International women had a worthwhile and productive day, wherever they are, around the World.  From Guatamala to the Grampians and all places in between.

Have had a good day today but too busy to get to the International Woman´s Day event in Barcelona.  I hope I am excused not attending this year because of my new venture but hopefully will be there next year.

Had a great example of just how International woman are today.  A British woman, in Barcelona Spain (Catalunya) brought in a pair of Dolce & Gabanna Italian shoes for us to sell.  I think that is pretty cool.

 Dolce & Gabanna shoes for sale in Barcelona




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What a great feeling, so why the trepidation
05 March 2013

Anna Povo, sounds like a Russian spy in a James Bond, one of those women who whilst absolutely stunning are not to be trusted by a poor secret agent.  In fact it is a Barcelona designer who sells around the World.  So why the great feeling? Well we have just had in a Cashmere Anna Povo top. So soft and it is just the sort of thing which is good to have available for people.

So why the trepidation?  Well, we are open for business from today and a little bit of me, despite the excitement of the first day, says "I wonder how this is going to go?"  Fortunately, the first signs are very encouraging.  A style consultant was in touch today to say that when she advises clients to update their wardrobe, could she get people to bring the clothes that do not suit them to bring them to us.  Having made the proviso about the condition of the clothes, the answer is, of course, a YES! 

So here we go!!  Open for business!!

 Fashion Solutions Barcelona


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It starts - with such emotion
02 March 2013

For nearly 25 years Dress Exchange Agencies have flourished in the UK and a similar amount of time for Consignment Agencies as they are known in the USA.  But there are none that I can find in Spain so HERE GOES!!!

The theory is straightforward.  People (women only to start with) bring their pre loved designer clothes to the agency and other people come and buy it.  The seller gets paid for what would only either gather dust in the wardrobe or eventually get thrown out, the buyers get designer clothes at great prices and the agencies takes a share of the sale price.

Seems simple.  But in Barcelona we have so many great small designers that, whilst the clothes are great and stylish, we don´t always know the designer.  This is NOT helpful when it comes to pricing!  A great deal of research is needed to be fair to both buyer and seller.  It is good fun doing the research but it is really time consuming and gets in the way of all the other requirements such as photographing the clothes, organising displays, promotion and of course, writing the blog.

So to the person who made life MUCH easier by bring in a pair of Versace jeans, a VERY big THANK YOU!!

 Fashion Solutions Barcelona





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