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DO YOU KNOW... about S.J.I.

A STORY ABOUT A BUILDER THAT IS ON CONTRUCTION WORK FOR 40 YEARS (that's what they tell us)and bla bla bla; not work finish, not money, not good construction, not good after sales, not good treat and the worst... MANY LIES

13 January 2009

Just Let us KNOW who they are and what they have, and own. Let us know and we will tell you.

Between all of us we will discover many many things about them, and once we are all together we will find the TRUE.

Please post as much as you know, realistic things, so everybody has more information that we all can build a house without windows for them too.

Everybody will have access to this NEWS and we will take out the MASK of some people TOGETHER and not one by one as we all did before.


Post your comment or knowledge, we put all together and then let´s see what San Jose I. says to the law.

Thanks in advance.


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