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Ready To Retire

Getting ready to retire in 2 years, and starting to gather information that is crucial to the move being made.

The Weather Here Only A Reminder....
25 June 2010

The weather here today only reminds and inforces the reasons why we want to relocate to somewhere warm. It has been nothing buy drizzle the last few days, and counting. Although it is suppose to improve towards the weekend, which remains to be see. I work tomorrow and watch it get nice out. Never fails. It is only for a few hours so it won't be too bad. See you tomorrow, same time same place 

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The Time Is Now
24 June 2010

The time is now! How fast it goes! It's time to start crossing our tees and dotting our i's. There is more work than I thought there was going to be.  There are so many wonderful places to retire, and a very hard decission to make where to live. At the moment Spain seems to be the place to start.  We are not looking to buy a home but to rent long term to see if we like living there or not, then maybe we will purchase one day. To soon to know, so many things could change in that time. For now we will spend the next two years planning and figuring it out.

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