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Timeshare scam in the Malaga Courts

After 6 years of investigations (yes, 6) Fuengirola Courts finally orders the case against the main timeshare fraudsters to be heard in the Malaga Courts.

Timeshare scam
03 September 2008

After a lengthy process, not entirely justified I suppose, Court number 5 has referred the Timeshare scam case to the Malaga Provincial Audience. No fewer than 15 suspects will be tried for fraud, swindle, illegal gun possession and conspiracy to carry out illegal activities.

The list of timeshare owners in this particular case is long (305 individual and/or couples), having paid an average of 1500 euros to the above suspects to sell their timeshares in diverse localities of the Costa del Sol, the Canaries and the Balearics which, of course, never materialised as a) they had no intention of selling them and b) we all know that second hand timeshare nearly always sells under the original price paid for it and therefore the cold calling with offers could hardly be for anything else than to fraudulently obtain monies from desperate owners.

The prosecutor has demanded the defendants to deposit 600.000 Euros with the Courts, accepted by the judge, to guarantee repayment of the defrauded sums and has decided to not imprison them, pending judgement.

LawyersofSpain has represented 180 owners since 2001, for a simbolic fee of 99 Pounds Sterling, in the hope that some justice will be made (and monies repaid!) and the Costa del Sol will finally free itself from the scoundrels who, still today, have nothing more constructive to do than to arrive at work (in Fuengirola and Torremolinos private flats mainly) and start cold calling timeshare owners who still believe that these guys are genuine. 

The hearing will possibly take days and we hope that media cover is subtantial to make tiemshare owners aware that never ever should they agree to any payment to anyone demanding monies over the phone. Only this way will be go away or realise that they need to put an end to these shameful activities.

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