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4 dogs & a horse to Spain

Moving to Spain with 3 dogs,a puppy and a horse seemed like such a good idea at the time!

With 4 dogs & a horse,should losing your property in Spain put you off altogether?
28 December 2008

Trev was made redundant after 34 years with the same company, which meant we had to sell our house & 10 acres as we could no longer afford it.

2 years & 3 failed sales later the houe sold in Sept 2008, which allowed me to hand in my notice and start the process of moving us & 3 dogs + a horse to Spain

We were lucky, after losing our property in Palomares due to an illegal building permit our fabulous Obligado got our money back for us! We couldn't face all the worry & stress of another attempt to buy and luckily found a Villa to rent with 2.5 acres of land in Santo Petar near Huercal Overa.

We were told of Trans-pet who pick your dogs up from your house & transport them to your new front door in Spain, after living with them 24 hours a day in an excellent purpose built dog transporter/camper van. We booked these at about the same rate as flying them (with none of the trauma of having to get them to the Airports or picking them up at the airport at the other end, hoping the car you have in Spain can carry them & their crates back to your Villa!)

Everything seemed to be going smoothly until a "Teddy Bear" threw all our plans into the air!!!!!!!!!





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