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14 Feb 2014 13:10:

Thanks for that

Thread: Becoming a non-resident in Spain

14 Feb 2014 11:44:

Thanks Roberto. I am trying to avoid the social security/tax offices as they are always a nightmare but may go through an accountant/gestor. Thanks, Jane

Thread: Becoming a non-resident in Spain

14 Feb 2014 09:53:

Hi, sorry for the confusing heading. I have lived in Spain for 20 years and own my own property (well have a huge mortgage on it). I have just set myself up as a freelance writer, and will be spending around 7 months of the year in the UK from now on as I can work from anywhere. Basically i want to start paying tax in the UK, as I will be spending more time there than here. I am officially a resident in Spain so how do I become a non-resident? Thanks, Amatista

Thread: Becoming a non-resident in Spain

12 Feb 2014 11:57:

Thanks for that I will have a look, Jane

Thread: How to get more internet speed from Movistar

12 Feb 2014 10:19:

Hi, I live in Mijas Golf and am about to get an IPTV box installed. I am worried about my internet speed though as it fluctuates quite a lot. I called Movistar yesterday and was passed to a technician who simply too my e mail address and told me he would let me know when fibre optic was available in my area!!!!! But he didn´t know when that would be obviously .... My question is, can I pay more to increase internet speed from Movistar or not, and if so would I have to go into a shop or can I do it over the phone? Thanks, Jane

Thread: How to get more internet speed from Movistar


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