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24 Jul 2009 00:00 by mucus Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

I recently moved to spain and used a well known british removal company. This company sold me the option of export wrapp my things and they would take particular care of our belongings, especially furniture. Looking after the customer was their strength

In reality what happened was that they damaged furniture and they way we were treated by them was awfull. In one converstaion when i took them to task at their warehouse in spain, they stated they had staked my belongings incorrectly and would repack them (A little late i thought after 4 weeks in storage and a valuable chest was stood on its side). Packing materials were inadequate or damaged from staff clearly stacking to heavy items on delicate wrapping(Also not to spec in the order). One member of staff had stated that they packed my belongings in this way as they had to make a profit.

I took this up with a director of the company who just stated , claim on your insurance we have done what we promissed. What he failed to see was how you feel when someone treats your property wrongly especially when you pay almost £3000 for them to do it and they justify it by telling you they need to make a profit. After reading his email it was obvious why their company operate in this fashion. The directors mantra is make money and don't care for the customers.

Issues we had were.

Inadequate wrapping (called export wrap)

Damaged furniture from staff stacking boxs incorrectly , not transit.

On the day of removal , ordered crates not available and nobody knew where they were.

In adequate number of staff sent to load and pack

Ran out of packing materials and had to transport items to a warehouse to pack and then they used a paper bag.

Instructions for items stacking ignored lost and not communicated to depot in spain.

Depot in spain (English staff) not willing to retrieve items from crates even though this was promissed in sale.

I will post the email from the director in good time. But for now so you all don't get caught. The companies involved were Bishopsmove(International) and Arrowpak

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24 Jul 2009 16:40 by Marksfish Star rating in Sandy, Bedfordshire/.... 2421 posts Send private message

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Wow, one of the "big boys" in the removals industry. What a shame it has to come to a name and shame, you would think that they value their name in the UK. It is usually the little fish that cause so much trouble, I hear a Watchdog case coming on!



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24 Jul 2009 17:42 by meggie Star rating in England. 115 posts Send private message

Sorry to read about your damaged furniture, Mucus.  Hope you get the compensation you deserve.

I wonder if others have found it better to use a small, local Company to take their belongings to Spain rather than use one of the 'big boys' as Markfish calls them?  My husband recently worked for over a year with one of the small, local firms here in Grantham and he would recommend them to anybody.  Perhaps the fact that the Company is a small, family-owned business means they have to ensure every customer they have is satisfied with the way their furniture etc is removed from one home to another.  Also, the fact that it is only the one family, plus a couple of locals diong the work (anyone not working to the high standards demanded by the owner are sacked immediately!) ensures that all employees are held to account if anything doesn't go according to plan.  One of the biggest drawbacks of a large firm is the difficulty in being able to keep an eye of every item at both ends of the move.  There is ALWAYS a family member on board when the Company I mention carries out a removals job...whether it's here in the UK or any other European country.

Before we moved to our house in Spain we got rid of everything we didn't really need and only took the bare esentials...which all fitted into a van we could drive to Spain ourselves.  We have always thought people hang on to loads of stuff they don't need and we have found life so much easier since we 'downsized'.  Being brought up in a house full of stuff that was mostly of sentimental value including lots of antiques that were worth a small fortune...made me want to live in a less 'cluttered' environment.  My husband's year in the removals business was a real eye opener.  He says the majority of people do not spend time sorting their stuff out to any worthwhile degree before they move and he was always gobsmacked by the amount of 'rubbish' people will move from one place to another...much of it going into the loft yet again to be brought out only to be moved to the next place!

I'm not saying for one moment that this is how it was for you, Mucus.  It sounds like you had some really good pieces of furniture...that should have been looked after alot better than they were.  But my advice to anyone upsticking and moving to Spain is to really sort out your stuff well before you go.  Make sure you only take items that you REALLY NEED or cannot do without and who might just find you can fit it all into a van that you can drive yourselves.  It saved us a fortune!  By the way, when we came back to the UK (going back to Spain soon) we left all our furniture, except for 2 small, antique pieces, in the house we sold.  It was great having to start again...with new/second-hand stuff.  We got the chance to try out other pieces of furnture we wouldn't otherwise have needed.  No, we didn't waste any money.  We charged a good price for the stuff we left in the Spanish house.




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25 Jul 2009 00:07 by flog-it Star rating in Campo de Ricote, Mur.... 127 posts Send private message

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I agree, it is often the small guys that are eager to please that do the better job.  The big boys are set in their ways and everything is by the book so there is no room to bend the rules so to speak. Bishops have taken a bit of stick lately which is a shame, I see them on the road a lot - Have they got a new member of family at the top now?  It seems that often the problems are caused when there's a change at the top.

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25 Jul 2009 00:23 by advisor Star rating in London most of the t.... 313 posts Send private message

sadly its a common theme, we all know the smaller firms do things better but they dont seem to be able to compete pricewise.



Nobody plans to fail, many fail to plan, sadly the result is the same.



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25 Jul 2009 00:37 by flog-it Star rating in Campo de Ricote, Mur.... 127 posts Send private message

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Agreed, but surely quality counts. Cheapest is not always best, you only get what you pay for and personal service wins hands down. Anyway I will quit now before "Admin" deletes the thread telling me I am advertising!!

By the way, anybody moving house after a divorce better read this... It could be YOU!!


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25 Jul 2009 08:58 by advisor Star rating in London most of the t.... 313 posts Send private message

flog it-yes i agree i suppose what everyone idealy wants is something that should not be to hard..........a happy medium0any chance of a reply to my query over costs as posted below?




Nobody plans to fail, many fail to plan, sadly the result is the same.



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25 Jul 2009 09:42 by flog-it Star rating in Campo de Ricote, Mur.... 127 posts Send private message

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Just reading your post more thoroughly Meggie, the amount of crap that people pay good money to move always amazes me as well, surely they must throw it away when they get to the new house? Also we have carried trays of pot plants - "Please put these somewhere safe on the truck!"?? Empty boxes because the client liked them and didn't want to put things inside in case it damaged the box. And one client even piled a load of tins of paint in the cab while we loaded the back and then said "These will have to travel in the front with you, I don't want them to spill on my stuff"!!  As per your company in Grantham we are also just a small family business and every van either has myself, my wife or her Brother on board.

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27 Jul 2009 12:55 by mucus Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Thanks for all the support. I agree re smaller companies. This company just doesn't get it. Your just a transaction. I have posted on 5 other forums and watchdog is an option too. I have all the correspondance and some that tehy tried to recall.

Bottomline BishopsMove and Arrowpak don't care about customers.


Once again thanks for the support

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27 Dec 2010 22:13 by behonest Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

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12 Apr 2011 15:44 by bishopsmove Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

** EDITED - Self promotion **

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23 Jun 2011 13:21 by mark919 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hi All,

Sorry to hear about all the bad removals going on, but i thought it was about time that someone stuck up for a removals company 3 times i have used Moveit removals (moveitremovals com) very good prices and an even better sevice great blokes/drives on time packing of my stuff was fantastic. so if you need a removal to be done dont look any where else moveit removals is the one for you !!!

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12 Sep 2012 09:13 by one Star rating. 66 posts Send private message

I do not recommend ROY TREVOR. We are in England and we are still waiting for our boxes that we supposed to arrive a month ago and we have to pay upfront.

The office in Spain doesnt reply to us and the office here doesnt want to know about the information given to us there, even though they are the same company. Do not use them. Their service is poor and I hope we do get our stuff. We had to buy a second hand tv, new clothes, etc until our stuff gets here.

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11 Dec 2012 12:02 by dinosaurio Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

Earlier this year we moved back to England and hired ** EDITED - Against forum rules ** removals of Formentera.  All our belongings were taken from the Spanish property and kept in storage for about three months until we had found a British property.  After some confusion over our delivery date our belongings arrived at our new house via another company based in England.  We had no idea our stuff was going to be transferred to another company and so had no opportunity to assess them.  In other words all our property was handed over to someone else without consultation.  We later learned that this was just a spur of the moment thing whereby ** EDITED - Against forum rules ** met the English company on a job somewhere and discovered they were based near to where we were going to live in the U.K. and so did a deal with them.  In fact the English company turned out to be more professional than ** EDITED - Against forum rules **.  The problems really started when, after a couple of weeks of gradually unpacking, we discovered a few  items missing.  We eventually realised  it was propbably one or two small boxes that we didn't have.  Fortunately there was nothing of great value and we finally agreed with Howells to make a claim for just £123.  I contacted them and asked them to send me a claim form.  They said they would prefer to just pay the money into our bank account.  Whilst this may have been a genuine desire not to affect their insurance premium I also know that this is often a sign that the company does not have insurance in place.  I have no idea if this is the case with ** EDITED - Against forum rules ** but a number of requests for a claim form have not met with success.  Rather suspicious.   Having agreed to accept a direct payment into my bank  I sent them the details.  Two weeks later I was still waiting and sent them a reminder.  Two weeks after that I sent a further email giving them one further week to sort this out.  They responded by asking me again for my bank details!  We have now replaced the missing items but have not received anything from ** EDITED - Against forum rules **.   I should point out that this is a company that advertises extensively in local papers and gives the impression of being a prominent and successful company.  It is, in fact, a very small company.  The individuals involved are very pleasant and personable people and I accept that mistakes can occur.  But the quality of a person or a company can more accurately be measured by the way it goes about fixing problems.  In this regard ** EDITED - Against forum rules ** falls far short of the mark and I would like to warn as many people as possible to take great care when employing such people.


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