The Eye on Spain Weekly Digest What's Been Hot On Eye on Spain Over the Past Week
31 March 2012
Our hand-picked top 10 stuff from Eye on Spain from the past seven days. The top forum discussions, blog posts, articles, properties for sale and rental and anything else we felt like throwing in! Enjoy.

Following Thursday's general strike, Friday saw the government approve Spain's biggest ever budget cuts to try and avoid the country requiring a bailout from the EU.
For the past five years Moneycorp have provided an outstanding service to Eye on Spain members when transferring money to or from Spain.
On the forums this week, new member Hz keeps reading lots of negative things about living in Spain and is asking if anyone is happy here? And why is this thread so quiet??
We like it a lot when people tell us about where they live. This new blog on the site gives us a feel for life in the village of Pruna in the province of Seville.
Make sure your next car hire experience in Spain is a good one. Read Cherie Walkers top tips to not getting stung at the airport.
Not for the faint hearted but definitely for those who want peace, tranquillity and privacy, this property listed privately on EOS offers beautiful views, 12.5 acres of land, fully furnished plus 4x4!
Back on the forums, new member Gary is struggling to cancel his residency status in Spain, even though he doesn't actually live here.
A "Euro Vegas" to be established in Spain looks closer to reality than ever and would create thousands of jobs. But will it all get a bit too seedy?
Steve Tiley from Moneycorp rounds up what's been going on in the financial and currency markets at the end of March 2012.
"Legroom" on the forum is looking to move to Spain and needs some help to decide where to go. What he does know is that he doesn't want fish 'N chips and kiss me quick stuff!
Are we finally going to be able to roam abroad without being kicked where it hurts by mobile phone operators? It looks like it's about to happen.
We need YOUR rental property to list on Eye on Spain! We are generating over 300 enquiries per week for our long term rentals listings and need more properties to fulfill the demand. List yours today.
Nothing of interest? Remember on EOS we also have...


Spain insurance services

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