The Eye on Spain Weekly Digest What's Been Hot On Eye on Spain Over the Past Week
28 January 2012
Our hand-picked top 10 stuff from Eye on Spain from the past seven days. The top forum discussions, blog posts, articles, properties for sale and rental and anything else we felt like throwing in! Enjoy.

Recent figures show that unemployment in Spain has now reached a staggering 5.3 million. It's even worse if you're young. Justin's been getting his knickers in a twist on his blog about it.
For the past five years, Eye on Spain has successfully helped many sellers get their properties sold by getting them listed for sale on the website. Take control and get yours sold.
On the forums, Carl is having a house built for him in Spain (!) and the usual happens...seems he can't get ADSL. See what advice people offer and see if you can offer too.
We all have an opinion about the value of a property, especially when it's ours, and that's the problem! It's the value that a prudent, knowledgeable buyer will put on it that's important.
Expats living on the Costa Blanca will feature in a BBC programme as they struggle to cope in the ongoing Eurozone crisis. A team from BBC Look East visited the coast this week to investigate.
"Mega" on the forums is asking whether or not you have to be resident in order to get a social security number to legally work in Spain.
Listed privately for sale on EOS is this fantastic ground floor apartment with a large garden complete with private hot tub. The property has the opportunity to add more rooms in the basement basement
Graham Hunt wrote this very insightful post on his Entrepreneur Solo blog. It was so good that we had to include it here. Note that this links directly to his blog and not to Eye on Spain. Worth the read.
Posted on the blogs is a link to this great new service which helps you to reduce the cost of getting to and from the airport. Every little help!
Pat, AKA growler on the forums, is wondering whether now would be a good time to step in and take over some failing businesses in Spain. Has he lost the plot or is he sensing an opportunity?
Mike Walsh is not a happy bunny on the forums this week. Iran appears to be stopping the supply of oil to Europe and Spain is amongst one of the countries it's going to affect.
For the past five years Moneycorp have provided an outstanding service to Eye on Spain members when transferring money to or from Spain.
Nothing of interest? Remember on EOS we also have...


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