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27 February 2009
We chat to Myra about issues and problems affecting expats in Spain

Today, Myra from Costa Advice Bureau, tells us about their services and some the issues that expats face in Spain, such as healthcare, driving, benefits, residency, importing a car, etc.  We also talk about the problem faced by expat pensioners in Spain today.  Is it really as bad as people say?

A huge thanks to Myra for her time today.  You can contact Myra though her website, www.costaadvicebureau.com

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Sandra said:
27 February 2009 @ 16:54

Another great programme,informative and useful, thankyou.
Myra and the 'costa advice bureau' are just the people and agencies that foreigners in Spain need to know are there when everyday problems arise.
It, as Myra repeatedly pointed out, is the circulating 'mis-information' in a country of ever changing laws that can catch people out. Particularly when they do not speak the language.
How is the bureau funded?

Jeanie said:
27 February 2009 @ 17:31

Hi Justin
Enjoyed the show again.
Very interesting, nice to no there is some one out there to help when needed.


Jan said:
27 February 2009 @ 18:09

Very refreshing to hear Myra say it how it is! And very informative!
How great is it to know that there are people out there who, especially for residents, are able and willing to put you on the right path, for your benefit and not theirs!! Keep it up Myra and Costa Advice Bureau and, obviously goes without saying, EOS!! Great stuff!

clive said:
27 February 2009 @ 18:13

very good programme I certainly did not know the correct procedure for driving licence I now know I will have to change my paper licence for the european card type for continued use.
Thank you. MYRA was very good.

Phil said:
27 February 2009 @ 18:26

Liked the show yet again. We feel it would be good to do a more detailed piece on the advantages of residencia. When we have asked our solicitors (a big firm) about the Spanish tax system we have just been told it depends on your circumstances. As you know it's pretty easy to give the outlines of the UK tax system so why can't we have the same outline for what occcurs in Spain. A future prograame? Regards

Audrey said:
27 February 2009 @ 19:01

Hi Myra and Justin,
Enjoy the show watch every episode,it is so informative, if anyone has any worries about life in Spain this is the show to watch, thankyou for all the valuable advice Myra next time I visit Estepona I shall certainly drop into the office. Do I have to become a member ?

Anthony said:
27 February 2009 @ 19:20

I watch your program daily. I would like to see a similar prospective from an American expat.

anthony f said:
27 February 2009 @ 20:28

Well done myra and team !There are many people here in Tenerife making money from peoples ignorance, we do not have ' a myra' I know of at least 13 people that have thrown in the towel and returned to the uk in the last 18 months.Some wages here have gone down to 3.5€ p/h, not easy as rents still around 300€ a month for a one bed [los Christianos/las Americas] and the hours can vary from day to day ! How is Juan doing finding a girlfriend? your last show 'Honest estate agent' i was not sure if that, honest in his comments or honest in his selling practices......

Anthony f said:
27 February 2009 @ 20:42

Just checked on Myra's site, and see that she charges 95€ a year, this is very good value, as i can site many instances here in Tenerife of people being charged 300/500€ to change an E U Driving Licence for a spanish one !! by British Gestors, say no more.

Derek55 said:
27 February 2009 @ 20:57

Justin, you have found a gem in Mira. Best 13 minutes of reassurance for people like us who are looking to live in Spain la Residency, the pros & cons that would certainly be a show to watch.

Anne said:
27 February 2009 @ 22:21

Thank you so much! Really informative and helpful show.

Tricia said:
28 February 2009 @ 01:22

As always loved the show Justin, Myra is a wealth of info but she referred a lot to UK residents..does the same apply to irish??

Richard said:
02 March 2009 @ 04:42

Hello from cold Canada.
You guys are doing superb job with The Siesta Show.
We love to watch every episode of your show and learn a lot about Spain.We are planning to move to Spain in a near future and definitely will be using Myra's

Myra said:
02 March 2009 @ 10:16

Thank you so very much for the comments received after my interview on EOS. It really makes it all worthwhile.

Myra said:
02 March 2009 @ 10:17

Thank you so very much for the comments received after my interview on EOS. It really makes it all worthwhile.
Sorry I forgot to mention. Our services is for absolutely everyone.

Ann said:
02 March 2009 @ 15:10

Very informative - if ever I manage to sell my house in the UK and make the move to Spain, I will certainly be in touch.

Mike F said:
02 March 2009 @ 20:37

I really liked the show. People like Myra are a must for anyone living or wanting to live in Spain. I also found Antonio's earlier programmes very interesting. Looks like this organisation, Costa Advice Bureau, is soundly based knowing both the past and the present.

David Stewart said:
03 March 2009 @ 15:22

Thank you for such an informative show. I have enjoyed all the topics but this really gave us hope that there are really helpful people out their rather than the normal 'show us your money and we might, just might give some advice -- but it might not be right' mechants (who are usually from the Uk).

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