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20 February 2009
Menu del dia - The easy way to a cheap meal in Spain

We headed off for a "menu del dia" for today's show.  It's a cheap way to get a three course meal in Spain.  Originally meant for the workers, to make sure they had a filling lunch, the menu del dia is a great way to get a good meal at a great price.

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Anna said:
20 February 2009 @ 13:10

Yummy, I love the food shows!

We enjoy menu del dia but some, in very Spanish non-touristy destinations, are a little too traditional for me eg bits of animals I wouldn't normally eat. However a restaurant local to us (Northern Costa Blanca) in addition to the Spanish dishes, offers a great wood-fire pizza as an alternative main course which the children love.
One problem is that we really don't want to eat our main meal at lunchtime and menu del dia is not offered there in the evening.
However, all the Chinese restaurants near us offer a very economical and delicious menu del dia, at lunchtime and in the evening.
You lot are a bad influence, I can't wait until Easter so we have booked a cheap weekend in Spain thanks to Ryanair.
Have a good weekend.

More said:
20 February 2009 @ 13:11

I'd have had the tart but, OH NO, they hadn't any !

My OH was eyeing up that paella, looked excellent.

Sorry but those chips looked like they'd seen better days. In Spain you rarely seem to get good chips, sadly.

Enjoy your weekend.

Pam said:
20 February 2009 @ 15:11

I always have the menu del dia when I go to Spain as it's great value and you get to try foods you wouldnt normally try

Suemac said:
20 February 2009 @ 17:44

We also had menu del dia today, as we spotted a blackboard outside a local restaurant, which has recently changed hands, and it looked very tempting! We had a salad to start with, followed by sopa de mariscos for me, and bean soup for my OH, then he had liver (which he loves) and I had salmon. Both came with sauteed potatoes, mushrooms and courgettes, which made a change from chips! Home-made desserts to follow: arroz con leche for John and I had puding con frutas, and finally coffee (we were offered carajillo, which John accepted, though it was too early for me!). A bottle of wine and la casera were included, as was a basket of bread, and the grand total was 16 euros! I suspect we may go there again! It's nearly three hours since we finished the meal but I still feel very full.....

Sandra said:
20 February 2009 @ 20:25

That was great!!
The food looked quite good too. Is the M del D served only at lunchtime, say up until 3.00pm?
I thought that I once read on EOS what good value it was but assumed, by what they had written, it was served in the evening. Aparently that member didn't eat at lunchtime.
I'm not a fan of anything more than a sandwich and fruit at lunchtime but if I found it available in the evening then I would certainly order it.
Regarding the butternut squash. After I bought a huge, damaged squash at a knock-down price in my local Tesco I found a terrific and easy soup recipe, by Gordon Ramsay, on the internet and it's fabulous.
Hope Susan wasn't knocked down and damaged !!

Jan said:
21 February 2009 @ 20:01

That was fun! Am really looking forward to seeing Susan staggering with that butternut squash to it's ultimate destintation!! Where were you all? Were you in Manilva? The food looked good and very reasonable.

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