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13 February 2009
We go out and about to find out how the Spanish celebrate Valentines Day

This morning we hit the road to find out how the Spanish celebrate Valentines Day.  Are they really as romantic as people make them out to be?  Hope you're all set for Valentines too!

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TechNoApe said:
13 February 2009 @ 15:21

Excellent! Very informative and now I know what to look for, thanks to the camera man!!!

Anna said:
13 February 2009 @ 16:23

That, for me, was the best show yet. The interviews in Spanish were just about at my level of comprehension and the bits I didn't quite catch I shall play again AND LEARN!!!
Thank you for all your efforts.

Paula said:
13 February 2009 @ 16:47

Great show. Keep 'em coming

pete lloyd said:
13 February 2009 @ 17:10

I really enjoy your shows.We go to Almoradi in Alicante alot.But i did like the look of Estepona.When we decide to take the plunge and move,i might have a closer look.

John Doyle said:
13 February 2009 @ 19:04

Really enjoyed the show.
The mixture of spanish/english/sub-titles
was good! More of the same please.

sue said:
13 February 2009 @ 19:08

Interesting and nice to see how other countries celebrate. Looking forward to next weeks shows, nice mix - sue

Alison said:
14 February 2009 @ 13:19

Really enjoy these shows and I love that they are in Spanish too

elizabeth said:
14 February 2009 @ 16:46

what a great show on valentines, it makes me want to find a man again

shenouda said:
16 February 2009 @ 11:48

The show could be a very good venue to teach Spanish for the willing beginners.
I hope you agree and start something positive on that front.

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