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22 June 2009
Siesta Show Webisode 74 - Common problems with Pools in Spain.

In today's webisode we chat with Jim from Pipe-Tek SL and we discuss common problems with swimming pools in Spain. For example, how to tell if your pool is losing water from a leak or from evaporation, because if your private or community pool is leaking, then so is your private or community bank account, thanks to huge water bills!


A big thank you to Jim from Pipe-Tek SL for making this video with us.

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Simon said:
23 June 2009 @ 01:09

Jim certainly knows his stuff. We have always had problems with our pool so looking forward to the rest of the interview with Jim to see what advice he gives.

Trish said:
23 June 2009 @ 01:12

Impressed that jim is such a good magician ;-) I wish my husband would be so handy with a mop and bucket.

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